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If you look closely

Well I had a fine day of work behind me.
I got to make a few strawberry pies, biscuit (even got to set the oven myself :D), fruit pies and then the special ones needed to be done.
I got to make a whipped cream fruit cake filled with of course whipped cream and custard!
On top I had to place the fruit which went better than I thought.

But then I had to make something I never heard of.
It was called the Tart Maison.

I really was clueless what to do. 1. I never made it, 2. I don’t know what it was made off and 3. I never heard of it until now.
It looked really awesome when finished! Don’t you think?
Made from puff pastry shell bottom, custard, fruits, a grid from choux pastry, whipped cream, and top decoration is thin almond slices mixed with something. (I don’t know what but it looks crumbly and smells good)
I should have made a picture of the whipped cream fruit cake I made! D: It looked great.

But I don’t know what I had today but 2 times I let a full plastic container with fruit fall on the ground and a baking tray.

At least I did not let a fully made cake, that also had been divided, fall on the ground like I once did when I just started.
It still is sometimes hard to pick up a pie with a cake cardboard that bends easily with my small hands, compared to the pie/ cake size.

Think I’m going to draw the cakes and pies I see coming by.
There are so many I don’t know and so many that aren’t made because it either is too heavy, too much work or too hard to divide.



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