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Meringue week

This whole week was only about meringue!
We were divided into several groups and our group had meringue.
Me and 2 other classmates had to do a presentation about it.
We had a report about meringue existing of 25 pages full of words, going from the ingredients to the regulation.

And still the teacher had material to fill up ours!

old picture

old picture

The above picture is very old, but I learned before I wanted to be a pastry chef that meringue can handle fillings.

Now I know that there are four types of meringue. (after having added the shift sugar)

  1. Raw (dutch) : just put sugar in while it turns
  2. Heavy (german): get the sugar with a little bit of water to 45 degrees celsius and add to the turning egg white
  3. Cooked (Italian/French): cook the sugar with a bit of water to 118 degrees celsius and add it (in one tiny stream) while it turns slow
  4. Hazelnut (with small broken hazelnuts in it)

What sugar does to the product and where to look out for, when making meringue.

  1. Powdered sugar (except for the ones ment for freezers or moist) : good and lots of air compositions, but can make the meringue sandy.
  2. Crystal sugar: good, less air composition, but is overall used for heated meringue.
  3. Other sugars like brown sugar and such isn’t used, because of the oil layer around them or any added stuff.
    Remember! egg white is sensitive for any pollution into it.

First of all, and this is the most important, make sure you’re material you use is cleansed. (tat and filth free)
Since we were making meringue in school, we constantly had the teacher telling us that we needed to measure the egg white straight into the mixing bowl, because if we use a measuring cup we could get the egg white polluted that disturbs the albumin that gets air into it.

And apparently (a test to do for in class maybe) the ash of a cigarette can save a collapsed meringue, the problem is you then got ash into your food. (not recommended to do for food purpose, but rather an experiment if you want to know the connection)

I think I could rattle on for several blogs like this. 😀
but hey it is reading material and maybe useful as well.


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Heart cookies :P

I’ve seen stacked cookies come by on the internet a multiple times.
And thought: Why not try myself?
So I wanted to try the decorate part as well, because every cookie should look deliciously cute, no?

So I took my cookie recipe book and thought it was a bit off, then I searched through our schools digital database for a cookie recipe, but I kinda put in too much flour.
So the fresh dough was made of:
97 gram butter (some sort of belgium kind that melts kinda quick :S )
40 gram sugar
A squirt of vanilla flavour (I have a huge bottle :P)
1/3 teaspoon of cookiespice
1/2 teaspoon egg white powder and some water added
120 gram flour

I just kinda followed half /half the recipes and then just added some on feeling.
Think I do that a little bit too much, but you learn when it goes wrong. 😛

So after rolling out and stamping out with my only set of hearts I baked them at 160 degrees celsius for 15 minutes.
Decorated with fondant and silver sugar balls.


In close up

I think I should do this recipe some more, because  it tasted like some cookie you can buy here in stores.

Next week I think I will post some cooking again.
Maybe some time in the present I will try out asian food as well. (soo much I want to make from scratch! that you can’t find recipes or ingredients for 😦 at least not so easily)

Eventhough I’m a pastry chef I just love to make food.
For others, with others, to teach, to comfort or just to eat and enjoy.

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So I promised to post the recipe of my last posts creation.

Well here it is. ^-^ (altered a bit here and there for what we found out during practice)
This recipe calls for 2 batters.

1. Brandmassa (the lines)

  • 50 gram – milk
  • 15 gram – butter
  • 10 gram – powdered sugar
  • 35 gram – flour for pastry
  • about 75 gram egg which could go to 100 depending on how fluid it is.

Heat butter and milk until it boils.
Then add the flour and sugar and mix well , reheat until sweating (reminds of the choux pastry :p)
Put in a mixer and set it in the slowest and when cooled down a bit  add the egg until it is fluid enough too make lines with a piping bag with a tiny point.  (probably about the size nr 3)
Bake at 200 degrees celsius for a few minutes until it shows some brown edges. (once the start to colour it goes very quick so keep an eye out)

2.Hippemassa (filling in)

  • 50 gram – fine almondpaste (marzipan is an option but leave out the powdered sugar)
  • 50 gram – eggwhite
  • 20 gram – flour for pastry
  • 40 gram – powder sugar
  • Milk (use until fluid enough)

Put almondpaste in the mixer and while it gets loose in the lowest, add the eggwhite.
After letting this turn for a while (to let it mix well and it should already look white), add powder sugar and flour (AFTER having it sift) and let it turn until mixed well again.
Then use the milk to make it fluid enough too let it almost flow out of the piping bag. (a little bit more fluid than the first batter)
Use this batter to fill in the shapes you made and bake them at 180 degrees celsius until it turns a little bit brown. (at least enough to evaporate the moist that is in the cookie BUT it does stay a bit chewy)

IMPORTANT: Bake and pipe it on a bakingsheet and it must not be too small! around 5 – 8 cm in diameter is good.

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Contest from last week

So after some luck I could participate in the pastry contest niveau 2.
And yeah I got a lot of luck, because the teacher forgot to send my submission in the end and I had a nice guy in my class who did not want to participate for several reasons, so I took his spot with his permission.

I participated to see how everything went.
It was my first contest after all. My score was a 58 out of a 100 for pastry.

I burnt the base so I got one from a friend who was making her things on the same table. ( a little thick but I owe her :))
So the score wasn’t a surprise at all. ( especially cause I did not prepare too well )
But the friend I am talking about did get third that day!
I was so happy for her.

I made her put the price there ^-^

There weren’t a lot of entries I think, since it all fitted on one set of tables.

This is for the whole niveau 2 participants of our school.
One of my classmates became first!
If you read this..congratulations!

Everybody made sweet stuff for the 6 creme pastry and 12 cookies, but she had chosen pistache, cheese and spinach and for this and the look she deserved it.
But there was baked a whole lot more! Since this was a contest for different niveaus and choices.

The bottom left picture showed a bun filled with “speculaas” and it is really sweet and tastes good, but it is more for the holidays here. (Sinterklaas to be exact.)
The first prize winners get to participate for the national contest. (this was only our school in the south of Netherlands.)

I think I should participate in more contests.
It can help organize, plan and make you think about things before you’re actually going to do it.
Definitely a learnfull experience for me.

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apple dumpling in dutch

The word in dutch  is “Appelbol.”
And I had practiced a bit before the exam like I said in my last post.

And as I probably had mentioned I also did these for the exam. (25 of them)
I thought I would be able to peel and get the seeds out within a normal range of hours.
Instead I was busy over 2,5 hours peeling,filling, wrapping in pastry dough, spray them and roll them through sugar.
I was only left with one hour to fill, decorate and finish the 2 fruit-tarts and make a total of 5 marzipan flowers.
Because of this I took out the apple dumpling out too soon and could not finish the flowers.
In other words I failed my second exam.
I knew I failed before they called me over for a talk and to be honest I was quite devastated that I knew it would happen and still couldn’t get it finished on time.

Oh well, I luckily can do it over and the teacher takes my side.
Because I only started last year (exactly) and have no further experience (unlike some other classmates) in the bakery.
And 25 apples are a lot!

Here is the recipe: basic pastry (somewhere shown in my later posts)

This amount should be enough for two or three apples.
50 gr almond paste (with a little bit of egg so you can easier plug the holes of the apple)
75 gram cinnamon sugar. (68 sugar, 5 citrus-sugar, 2 cinnamon powder)

First make the pastry, roll it and put aside for rolling out.
Peel the apples, drill a hole (get the seeds out)and make sure they are clean.
Roll out the dough to about +/- 2 mm (if you roll out by hand it is hard to measure)  14 cm wide and the rest just roll out.
For average big apples cut a piece of 14×14 cm out of the pastry.
Plug the sharper side of the apple with almond paste and put that part on top of the pastry.
Fill the apple with the sugar until just about full and softly close it off with almond paste. (or else you will ruin your pastry)
Moisten the pastry around the apple and fold 2 opposite sides to the middle of the apple, pick it up and fold the other two points to the middle.
Now you should be left 4 open folds. Take these softly between thumb and index finger and stretch until you can fold them to where the points are (The apple should not be visible anymore)
Spray or brush the unfold parts wet and roll them softly through sugar.
Place them on a baking sheet with the folds down and poke a little hole on top and bake them at 250 degrees celsius for a half hour.

I seriously thought I could skip one or two but instead of exactly 25 apples I got a full tray of apples too choose from.
The only time they give me enough is when I don’t want them to. :S

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Update about the blog

Today I went shopping with my mother and as usual a trip to the music store.
But while searching for dvd’s to watch in the (rubbish) caravan, I found another asian movie.
One I already had seen actually … so I bought it together with a movie from Tim Burton…starts with a ‘C’.

Going to watch it again and will tell you how it went and such.
On the back it announces the actors and stuff and to be honest I already have seen 3 films with this main actor (see picture) Gang Dong Won even at a previous post he played one of the main characters. (Psychic and Duelist)
So many movies seen and still I haven’t talked about all of them, since I’m doubting if that is what the occasional reader of my blog would like.

But besides movies I also got to take something home from school.

Guess what this is!

If you don’t know what it is.
It is sugarcreme!
Mine has hazelnut flavour, but making the sugarcreme itself was a lot of work.
First I had to boil sugar and water to a certain degree and add that to whipped butter that almost looks white (little by little) after the sugar mixture was cooled down.
Just getting it to the right temperature was a long road and even though I got a compliment from the teacher that it looked and tasted great I felt quite unsatisfied with the fact I only made 2 sugarcreme hazelnut cakes in 4 to 5 hours.
Of course with a half hour break in between….. I could have done more if I had prepared myself better.
On my schedule was also marzipan flowers that I wanted to put on top, but that idea never got further than my mind.
Oh well maybe a next time it will go better.
And the difference with this type of creme and normal creme that is used for cakes is the sweetness.
Some classmates tasted it and tought that there was alcohol in it since it felt warm in the mouth like alcohol does.
Maybe that was because of the creme or just that it still was a little bit warm.
I would have loved to take also biscuit base with me from school, since I can’t use the cream, because I can’t bake at the moment.
My mom still loves the cream and eats it with pound cake. (not much, just for the flavour)
But I think that is a bit too heavy since in both product is a lot of butter.
Can’t wait until the day we move out of the caravan and into our home above the café, since that will be the day I can buy an oven.

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Dutch cookie Gangmaker

Last time I talked about the cake in a cookiecup and that I couldn’t upload the pictures… now I can. ^^
With the recipe ofcourse for your ease. (I searched if this had an english name and apparently it is a typical dutch cookie so no english name.)
Gangmaker in dutch means like something that makes people at ease during a cup of tea or coffee so that the atmosphere becomes a bit lighter. ( I think :D)

First the dough:
Needed:  100 gram flour, 70 gram butter, 45 gram sugar, 4 gram water and 2 gram baking powder

Knead the butter with the sugar until the butter is smooth and mixed with the sugar.
Then ad the water and mix again. At last put in the dry ingredients and stir until you get lumps and that they become on piece of dough.

Let it rest for about an half hour in the fridge and knead it soft again.

Roll it out until thin (and don’t use too much flour! this makes your dough more fragile when rolling it out again)
and use something round to fill it into the mold. (there should be some edges)

Put in a teaspoon full of apricot jam (or any other kind you like) on the bottom. (no need to smear since this will happen while baking)

The dough:
Needed: 100 gram flour, 1oo gram butter, 110 gram sugar, 2 eggs (about 100 gram)
Make from this your basic cake batter. (butter and sugar until white, egg in 3 parts added, adding flour while mixing it with a spatula)

Take a bag and fill it with the batter you just made.
Take off the tip of the bag to pour it into the dough cup with jam and fill it to just under the edge.

Let it bake at 210 degrees celsius ( 410 fahrenheit) for about 15 to 20 minutes and let them cool off.

In the supermarket here in the Netherlands they usually have a chocolate glaze on top and a raspberry jam filling.
And at home these are always quickly gone ^-^. 

Oh and the reason they look like this is because I put 4 grams of  baking powder in it instead of  1.
So they might look different when you do it. (I kinda like it this way)

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