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Truffle chocolate

Super glad right now!
Know why?
Well I’ve made chocolate treats at school. ^^
Chocolate truffles and chocolate bonbons.

It is fun to make, but it takes a lot more time to make the interior than the actual chocolate bonbons.
We don’t have a lot of choices for the shape at school and this just so happened to be left.
This one was filled with instant coffee and hazelnut pâte.
(I did taste test in between with the pure coffee and hazelnut pâte, which stunned my tongue for several minutes, so I had to search for victims who could say if there should be more hazelnut in it or not)
In the end I did get the right amount so that none overruled each other. 😛

It is a creme filling btw

And we also made truffles!!

The hardest part was getting them through the chocolate, without letting the creme get soft, and without a too thick layer of chocolate around them.
The first batch of chocolate was too much tempered so it got quicker solid than we could throw in the creme.
The second batch of chocolate was tempered too little so the chocolate didn’t get solid enough resulting in a lot truffles on the plate with cocoa/powdered sugar that couldn’t be picked up quickly.
I learned a lot though.

We even got to spout chocolate letters!
That was actually quite easy as well. And my class had to make an order of 35 letters with 8 persons to spout chocolate.
It resulted in some extra chocolate letters. Luckily chocolate can stay good for quite a long time, while it is conditioned in the right way of course.

Next week we are going to focus on meringue. (Maybe I’m even allowed to make my chocolate – peppermint ones ^^)


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I think I’ve been sleeping

Oh wow already havent posted for a very long time! TT-TT
So so so sorry! But for your cheering I had a horrible week for further notice read below.

I can make up all kinds of excuses, like I had to decorate the café and break it down as well before and after Halloween, had to help during Halloween, had some friends over etc. etc.

This is still what I got from the contest in the goodie bag and all.
Glad I got the recipe book for ice-cream with the goodie bag, but the macarons where well but not all were tasty.
My first was spinach. 😦
I like spinach a lot, but not cold and sweet as sugar. (didn’t expect me to say that huh?)

BUT this week was absolutely horrible at school.
I was nervous since I had to be a CHEF this week.
This ment I had to take in and clean up the material that comes in, checking it beforehand of course, and give everyone a cleaning task.

That last part was absolutely horrible!!
Everybody tried to go into a discussion with me, they tried to get the easiest cleaning jobs, they deliberately made extra stuff to get out of the cleaning tasks and I completely stressed out.
I am glad I didn’t drive some one of the high way, because of all the cropped up anger I got during class.
The worst thing was, they claimed I didn’t do anything!

I was giving out tasks, helped cleaning, needed to check everything if it was done, helped cleaning, helped packaging.
And after their tasks were done, instead of asking the chef (me) what could be done,  they grouped up like a group of sheeps and started talking to each other deaf of what I had to say.
Is it actually that bad to not know your classmates names? I know them by face for almost 2 years now.

Even my friends from class…. well I sit with them sometimes…anyhow, they sat in a place to avoid extra jobs.
Like….the foremost thing of becoming a baker niveau 3 means that they need to show initiative!

Luckily I don’t need to become a chef anymore, for school that is.
I know that if I am ever going to start-up my business I don’t hire my classmates! (except for one since she can calm me down when stressed and such)

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Result and bokkepoten

Yay this monday I finally heard I passed the exam I made about two or three weeks ago.
So glad that is all behind my back knowing I can start next school year without fear.

This week was also our last week before summer break. 😦
So this whole week every class has been really busy cleaning every machine and corner in the schools bakery.
(I have practice 2 days a week so my class had to do it twice)
But luckily I have a good friend in class (whom I might introduce to this blog one day) who I could trust and have fun during cleaning.
The first day we had to do the refrigerator/freezer and I stood in the freezer to clean the corners and walls and she did the doors. (luckily not closing them)
The second day (today) we had to do the hand-carts that usually have the baking plates in them or stuff for bread.
It was fun, listened to Disney songs, accidentally sprayed water on her making a little water battle and then cleaned the other hand-carts outside in sunny/gloomy weather.
Afterwards helped out others and I got the overstuffed refrigerator which I had to clear out to put in all the shelves. (see: complete fully stacked refrigerator with bags and pails)
I think that was a bit too much for my back since I can’t properly turn my back right now. -_-‘

Last week was the last week to bake.
So sad I miss baking in school already.
Luckily that friend of mine took a picture with her cellphone of what we baked on the first day that week.
The second day got eaten as soon as I got home. (we had a big sale in our schools bakery shop)

What we made were: Bokkepoten. (in dutch)
That are almond paste based cookies stuck together with apricot jam and covered in chocolate.

I love almond paste cookies ^-^
We first made the almond paste then mixed it with egg white and spout it into its shape.
In other words this batter is completely made out of fine almond pieces, sugar and egg white.
Baked and decorated. 😀

Almond cookies should be chewy. (So if it is not then there isn’t a lot of almond in it and probably more egg white.)

I think I want to try making almond paste at home this summer.
But I don’t know if that is possible since you’re not allowed to grind them into oil.
And the stone rollers we have at school are not so easily gathered for home supply.
We’ll see how it will turn out.

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Cholestrol bomb

Yes I made a cholestrol bomb.
What that might be? Well, it’s just a simple creme roll.

These darlings are made by me and took home four pieces. (after paying :s)
The creme is flavoured with cognac.
There is one piece missing, because I let my mom taste it as soon as I came home.
She loved it.

The batter is not an instant mix, because those tend to be more stiff and harder to roll up.
So the usual batter I used (I seem to stay away from instants as much as possible) 
I was carefully putting the batter into the oven since I burned my arms (yes 2 at once) at the same oven last friday. (luckily only 1st degree)

The highest oven seems to work the best at the bread side, but is hard to reach since it is at eye level for me.

But I did get a compliment from the teacher for these creme rolls, because there weren’t air pockets in it. (which are difficult to get rid off)

I also helped a friend of mine baking here pieces since the ovens weren’t warm enough.
She was busy with also something that contains cremé.
It is for an upcoming contest for student bakers. (I also attend but no clue what to do)
I gave my thought once about the idea and to see it coming alive was amazing.
But she was still experimenting with the flavours.
Curious what she will send in.

Still need to think something up. 6 creme products and 12 crumbledough cookies.
All need to be delivered and identical to each other.
Luckily it is in February.

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Birthday party

Few weeks I had a very small birthday party with some friends. (most of them had to work, planned something else or just didn’t reply)
But still it was lots of fun!
Some had to eat dinner so we made sushi. 🙂 and it tasted good with some salad as side dish.

Then I quickly made a whipped cream cake (only the cake was already baked the day before :p) and let themselves decorate their piece.
Which one is mine? ^^
Since I haven’t celebrated that many birthdays I mostly don’t know what to do so I am lucky with friends who are spontaneous and come up with things.
First we hold a little spontaneous shoot with our make up done. (first time doing something this girlish with others)
Then afterwards we watched a movie about the queen Elizabeth. (and the golden age)
It was interesting but it got a bit late so some were sleeping halfway through the movie so we skipped the last half hour of the movie. :p
In a week or so school is already over. 0_0
Times goes by quick… too quick.  Even though it was just a half-year of school it still went by quicker then expected.
After summer I’ll be already in my second year. (In other words I’ll stay in the same class)
Let’s hope next year will go as well as this half-year.
PS. I just found the scheduler on WordPress so that it puts it up on dates that you want it to be sent 😀

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And the result…..

Like you might have read somewhere in my messages, I had an exam for the basics.
I was really nervous and even got there 1,5 hour too early. (I just wanted to avoid traffic jams)
So after waiting my and seeing one of my classmates come in, my teacher came and showed us around a bit.
Luckily we had gotten a tour or else I would have been even more clueless than I was when I did the exam.
For some reason everything seemed to go very slow, so in the end I started running around as if I had lost my head, because I thought I would run out of time.
But!!! After just one turn left to have arrived home I got a text message from my teacher that I….


You can imagine I was quite happy.
There were some things not really perfect but those were told to me and they had their reasons.
Now only need to practice a bit to get it perfect but it is more the tidying in between that lost me the most of time.

Nervousity gets me out of my rhythm but they did see that the cleaning for some reason got my mind back on track.
(Maybe because I did it for several years as a job?)

I’m still glad that I passed and what is done is done. 
Now only go further and hope to pass the next exam that comes within a year or so.

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My exam for the basics is coming closer and closer.
The spritz biscuits are finally in my head (with how to shape them), but now the only little thing that could be problematic is the burning of things and the cake decoration.

At my internship they gave advice on how to use the ovens over there, how to get there the easiest and some other tips.
A few lessons ago (a few weeks back) I burned almost everything I baked except for one plate. ^^’
So those tips can come in handy.

Now I only need to think of what to make of my whipped cream cake, since there are so many options to decorate a cake. (even with whipped cream there are quite a lot of options)
I do know what I am going to use for the cake, since I already needed to make plans, but when left free with options on how to do it and further decorate, I seem to be completely absorbed in thinking. (in other words I look lost, but in reality my mind spins around the cake and it’s options)
This will be my first exam for pastry baker.

I hope I don’t forget anything…..ah.. I’ll also will be garnishing with imitation chocolate.
I need to make one 6 letter word and a decorative edge.
Don’t know how imitation chocolate will be like, since I only practiced with egg + sugar.
Oh well I will need to practice at home a bit with folding, preparing and other things.
I think everything will become just fine.

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