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My very first gingerbread house

So busy again as usual around Christmas.
I had full internship week, and also working at 2 jobs.

At my internship we made about roughly 200~300 dessertcakes of 1 sort.
Two days I was assigned to something specific like crème and chocolate whipped cream. (and made that like 7 times or more in huge volumes)

But for the first time I finally got time to experiment again. 😀
And I experimented with a gingerbread recipe.

This is what I made:

It says happy holidays!

It looks a bit amateurish and I don’t know if I got the right recipe at all.
But it tastes great and it is also somewhat sticky/chewy.

Found the recipe on some german site and then followed half of the instructions and added some other things here and there.
(And besides coming short of certain ingredients I just guessed the oven temperature and time :P)

But it looks like a real gingerbread house at least, even though I never tasted one, saw one in real life or have even seen it made before.
My recipe:

  • 180 gram flour
  • 120 honey
  • 1 egg
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 1/2 coffeespoon cacao powder
  • a little bit of cinnamon
  • 1 ground up clove
  • a little bit of ginger and nutmeg

Add it all into a bowl and mix until you got a ball, let it sit overnight in the refrigerator.
Next day roll it out to 3 mm (it will rise in the oven) and cut out the desired shapes. (Do make the roof a bit longer since mine was way to short.)
Bake it at 150 degrees celsius for 15 minutes.

If you have a better recipe, please let me know ^^ thank you!
Have a merry Christmas!!


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Heart cookies :P

I’ve seen stacked cookies come by on the internet a multiple times.
And thought: Why not try myself?
So I wanted to try the decorate part as well, because every cookie should look deliciously cute, no?

So I took my cookie recipe book and thought it was a bit off, then I searched through our schools digital database for a cookie recipe, but I kinda put in too much flour.
So the fresh dough was made of:
97 gram butter (some sort of belgium kind that melts kinda quick :S )
40 gram sugar
A squirt of vanilla flavour (I have a huge bottle :P)
1/3 teaspoon of cookiespice
1/2 teaspoon egg white powder and some water added
120 gram flour

I just kinda followed half /half the recipes and then just added some on feeling.
Think I do that a little bit too much, but you learn when it goes wrong. 😛

So after rolling out and stamping out with my only set of hearts I baked them at 160 degrees celsius for 15 minutes.
Decorated with fondant and silver sugar balls.


In close up

I think I should do this recipe some more, because  it tasted like some cookie you can buy here in stores.

Next week I think I will post some cooking again.
Maybe some time in the present I will try out asian food as well. (soo much I want to make from scratch! that you can’t find recipes or ingredients for 😦 at least not so easily)

Eventhough I’m a pastry chef I just love to make food.
For others, with others, to teach, to comfort or just to eat and enjoy.

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Dutch cookie Gangmaker

Last time I talked about the cake in a cookiecup and that I couldn’t upload the pictures… now I can. ^^
With the recipe ofcourse for your ease. (I searched if this had an english name and apparently it is a typical dutch cookie so no english name.)
Gangmaker in dutch means like something that makes people at ease during a cup of tea or coffee so that the atmosphere becomes a bit lighter. ( I think :D)

First the dough:
Needed:  100 gram flour, 70 gram butter, 45 gram sugar, 4 gram water and 2 gram baking powder

Knead the butter with the sugar until the butter is smooth and mixed with the sugar.
Then ad the water and mix again. At last put in the dry ingredients and stir until you get lumps and that they become on piece of dough.

Let it rest for about an half hour in the fridge and knead it soft again.

Roll it out until thin (and don’t use too much flour! this makes your dough more fragile when rolling it out again)
and use something round to fill it into the mold. (there should be some edges)

Put in a teaspoon full of apricot jam (or any other kind you like) on the bottom. (no need to smear since this will happen while baking)

The dough:
Needed: 100 gram flour, 1oo gram butter, 110 gram sugar, 2 eggs (about 100 gram)
Make from this your basic cake batter. (butter and sugar until white, egg in 3 parts added, adding flour while mixing it with a spatula)

Take a bag and fill it with the batter you just made.
Take off the tip of the bag to pour it into the dough cup with jam and fill it to just under the edge.

Let it bake at 210 degrees celsius ( 410 fahrenheit) for about 15 to 20 minutes and let them cool off.

In the supermarket here in the Netherlands they usually have a chocolate glaze on top and a raspberry jam filling.
And at home these are always quickly gone ^-^. 

Oh and the reason they look like this is because I put 4 grams of  baking powder in it instead of  1.
So they might look different when you do it. (I kinda like it this way)

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Last bake before moving

So sad that I have to move to the backyard of the new place.
Why to the backyard? Well let’s just put it that the last owners still don’t have their house finished, the date has already been moved a few months, and that’s why I have to live a few months in a caravan with my parents at our new address.
I never expected to go from Netherland to Belgium, but the sadder part is …. as long as the last owners don’t move out above the cafĂŠ my parents bought..I won’t have an oven. 😦
So I have to search alternative ways to make sweets without baking them in an oven. (I still bake at school, but I’m a bit shy to ask to bring over my camera)

Now for the recipe….I did make pictures but since we’re moving my mom accidentally took my camera cable so I can’t show them now.
So now you only have the recipe and hopefully next week the pictures of the process.

Cake in a cookie cup (in dutch ‘Gangmakers’) :
Dough:  100 gram flour, 70 gram butter, 45 gram sugar, 4 gram water and 2 gram baking powder
Mix the butter and sugar until smooth, then add the water. When this is mixed well put in the flour and baking powder and mix with your hand until granules are made.
Mix further until you get a ball of dough and put in the refrigerator for several minutes.

After a while (15 to 30 minutes) get the dough out of the refrigerator and knead it until it’s smooth again.
Roll out this dough and stamp out some circles that you can place in a cupcakemold or muffinmold.
Make sure there are edges since this will be your cup.

Filling: Apricot jam (or any other that you like)
place a teaspoon full in each dough cup. (make sure you mixed beforehand or else it doesn’t spread over the bottom during the baking)

100 gram flour, 1oo gram butter, 110 gram sugar, 2 eggs (about 100 gram)
Make from this your basic cake batter. (butter and sugar until white, egg in 3 parts added, adding flour while mixing it with a spatula)
Put it in a disposable bag (I used a plastic sandwich bag 🙂 ) and fill the cups just a little underneath the edges of the dough.

Bake at 210 degrees celsius for about 15 to 20 minutes and let them cool out of the mold. (it is quicker and makes sure they’re not cooking further in the mold.


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The cake!

I almost forgot to post the cake!
Or at least the recipe.
But I have a time to adjust to the new place where I have my internship. ( A bakery that I go to for school to learn how to work fast, neat, clean etc.)
Waking up in the morning around 3:50 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. is quite a difference.

Now for the recipe… it’s actually called Moscovic cake. (the name for using raisins in cake (simply said))
I adjusted the recipe a tiny little bit since I’m using a recipe from school…..and I’m leaving some stuff out as well since baking is always experimenting to your own liking. (but the basic will be here)

This recipe needs 2 bowls since the egg white and egg yolk need to be whipped up apart from each other.
But since you probably only have one mixer I adjusted it for the home bakers. (The whole process off but that would be a long long story)

First mix up: 100 grams of egg white + 63 grams of sugar until you can hold the bowl upside down without the mixture showing signs of moving. (this can be put aside for a little while so make sure everything else is ready!)
Second mix up: 120 grams egg yolk + 100 grams of sugar untill it is stiff.
Put the egg yolk mixture into the one of the egg white and stir several times (It doesn’t matter if it is completely mixed since you will be adding flour and that needs to be stirred as well)
Then put all in a big bowl  and while you mix you add little by little 110 grams of flour and 100 grams of finely chopped butter (MIXED IN THE FLOUR!)
As last you stir in soaked raisins, about 125 grams would do, depending on what you like.

Put it in a mould or just a cake mould and bake it at 180 degrees celsius for 45 minutes and when you did the poke test (with a bamboo stick that you use for barbeques and if anything sticks to it add 5 minutes to the time)
When done baking turn it over on a towel and let it cool down.

Sorry for the messy recipe and that there are no pictures.

I recommend reading the recipe first so that you can make a plan!
I currently have a cold, but at least I’m trying not to make this blog dead.

Several tips!!!!
1. Too make the raisins stick better you can put some flour through the raisins (flour makes it stick to the dough)
2. Make sure that the mould is coated with non-stick spray for baking (always!! when baking cake!)

That will be it for now…

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Spritz biscuit

I’ve been making these during school, but at home you have to do with what you got.
And it tastes a bit different as well since I use butter at home but some sort of crème margarine at school. ^^’

But none the less it tastes yummy!
Here is the recipe for this week:

Enjoy baking! And especially make sure the air stays in the dough!
I was a bit slow and suddenly I couldn’t squeeze out the rest of the dough.
If that happens to you, you can spoon the rest out and make blobs of dough on your baking plate ^^
Looks a bit different but the taste is te same. (only the structure is a lot less crumbly like a spritz biscuit should be)

My exam is coming up since the papers went out this week!
I already know what I am going to make. Spritz! and something else but I keep that to myself until after the exam (to hear if i failed or not)
Finally the teacher realized he forgot to send us instructions on what my subclass needed to learn so it is study time for me after the short break. ^^

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Week 2 recipe: Chocolatechip meringue

A friend of mine came this sunday and she wanted to bake something with me.
I said some options and this is what we came up with.

I let her choose the and colour of the meringue.
But I did not chop the chocolate pieces well enough so I had to get it all out of the piping bag with a spoon.
My arm was full of sugary stickiness.
This is how they looked on the bakingplate.

Of course she wanted to make this at home.
So this came in handy for my recipe a week thing.

Enjoy making and eating it, but don’t put in too much food colouring. ^^
Unless you want to have a coloured tongue.


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