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My very first gingerbread house

So busy again as usual around Christmas.
I had full internship week, and also working at 2 jobs.

At my internship we made about roughly 200~300 dessertcakes of 1 sort.
Two days I was assigned to something specific like crème and chocolate whipped cream. (and made that like 7 times or more in huge volumes)

But for the first time I finally got time to experiment again. 😀
And I experimented with a gingerbread recipe.

This is what I made:

It says happy holidays!

It looks a bit amateurish and I don’t know if I got the right recipe at all.
But it tastes great and it is also somewhat sticky/chewy.

Found the recipe on some german site and then followed half of the instructions and added some other things here and there.
(And besides coming short of certain ingredients I just guessed the oven temperature and time :P)

But it looks like a real gingerbread house at least, even though I never tasted one, saw one in real life or have even seen it made before.
My recipe:

  • 180 gram flour
  • 120 honey
  • 1 egg
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 1/2 coffeespoon cacao powder
  • a little bit of cinnamon
  • 1 ground up clove
  • a little bit of ginger and nutmeg

Add it all into a bowl and mix until you got a ball, let it sit overnight in the refrigerator.
Next day roll it out to 3 mm (it will rise in the oven) and cut out the desired shapes. (Do make the roof a bit longer since mine was way to short.)
Bake it at 150 degrees celsius for 15 minutes.

If you have a better recipe, please let me know ^^ thank you!
Have a merry Christmas!!


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A lost cake and my garden

Last week I didn’t post anything, because my grandfather got through a rough time.
He was almost pronounced dead and some days later the doctors didn’t think he would survive it that day resulting in a very chaotic weekend. Continue reading

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Something funny and soap

The whole week I’ve been chatting on FB with a friend. (unusually much)
Talking every day with him. (extremely rare, but it is the reason I haven’t baked)
Monday I cooked again at his place.
The same soup like last time, but also made meatballs this time.
Spiced with: parsley, salt, pepper, oregano and basil.
It tasted great for a first time with this many herbs!
Sadly I didn’t make pictures. (but again got compliments for the cooking)

I do have pictures of the soap we made!

Melt and pour soap with different smells

Ordered a starterspackage and we had fun making them.
Only the mold for the soap was smaller than expected. :S

Oh and because I wanted to show you something funny as well I drew this….

Okay it was a quick draw ^^’
But it really happend

Freezers are a bakers best friend to cool down during summer.
Especially when they don’t have air conditioning.

Oh and those flap things are there because they keep the cold in the freezer instead of going out of the freezer directly.

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Coming up

Pff I am still a bit busy since this the summer is coming and all.
I have still shots from my exam stuff in my camera and still have to put that in to the computer. 
Last  week was: Work, school, at internship, internship, school, work and meet friends and then again work. (7 days full)
A full week, but at least I could sleep in today…. about 11 hours.
That is quite a lot, since most of the time I don’t even have time to sleep that much mostly waking up around 5 o’clock in the morning.

But I’m letting you in on a secret project of mine!
For the first time I’m going to celebrate my birthday at the same time as two other friends.
It is going to be quite big, but we agreed that I could make the cakes.
Now the thing is, we all have different characters, likings and tastes. (except for chocolate)

In other words I’m going to make 3 different cakes with different fillings and decorations and thereby also need to make a whipped cream cake for the ones who don’t like the fancy stuff. 😀
Okay 4 cakes then. (for a total of +/- 50 people)

The first problem I have (in my chaotic mind) are the details.
Should I put them on a cake stand or all on a table? ( a cake stand is prettier right?)
Make a cake stand (my father broke down a closet of mine so enough scrap material) or buy it?
Make the base beforehand or at a friend’s place.
Should I keep it top-secret for them (they don’t read this anyway since they only heard about it from me and haven’t gotten the webadress from me :D) or let at least one of them in so she can help?

Luckily I learned enough at school to know how to build up a cake, the hard part is keeping it secret and make it into what they like.

Know only soon I have to tell others my birthday was already in May.
Whoops … yeah I forgot to tell them since I had my exam and internship for a full week.
I did not have the time nor the energy to celebrate at that time. ^-^’ (or tell any one)

My friends are afraid I might get a burn out as soon summer as the summer vacation is coming.
But I don’t mind as long as I have at least 1 day to sleep out.
What do you think?

I heard that IF I’m becoming a third year student (only if heard I got through the last exam) then our class will go to France -> Paris for a midweek or something like that. 😀 Can’t wait for the result!

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Finally moved but unpacking slowly

Yes I’ve finally moved completely.

Luckily I got the biggest room. Thanks to my brother ^-^.

The view from my window

 Slowly unpacking everything, because there is little time to give everything a place.

Now to give my recipe books a place....where is the other box?

We still need to redecorate as well. (like wallpaper etc.)
I bought some stuff for my room and decorating my room surprisingly with a lot of food themed stuff.


jar-piggy bank-jar

Schools going fine. Next monday I have my exam for second niveau and I fear I will come short of time.
I need to make a fruit-tart, apple dumpling with filling and sugar-coated AND marzipan flowers.
This all within 4 hours.
Luckily I finally have ….tada!


I already baked something, but since that was a gift I forgot to take a picture.
Definitely going to make apple dumplings this week for practice.
Expect it sometime next week, since I want to make it like a recipecard again.
After the exam I have like 7 days before I need to go to school for a baking contest.
Still need to design the cake and cookies for it. ^_^”
Wish me luck. -_-

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soaked raisin cake

Always (!) when you plan baking and want to use raisins you have to soak them first.
Or else they burn and lose their taste because of lack of moist.

So I soaked them in coffee liquor and of what I learned through biology it didn’t get much liquor in them because of the ratio sugar in both. (something to do with osmosis)
So adding some water to the coffee liquor made the raisins swell a bit more than without water.

After several hours letting them swell , the time depends on the temperature of the liquid and the thing mentioned above, I found it time to make the cake.

this is how traditional batter looks like ^^

And then baking it…

It tasted well, but because the raisins didn’t soak too well this was the result… a rimpled cake.
And for some extra flavour I  poured some of the leftover liqourmixture (sugar from the raisins and water) on top of my piece of cake.  ^_^

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Fondant cake

YES! First time ever making a cake covered in fondant.
I did not know what to expect and how sticky it could be.
But now I know and it is easier than expected. (except for the stickiness)
So I added decoration since it is also fathers day.

It tastes good. (better than expected)

Did you know you can’t really use flour for rolling out fondant.
Stuff you CAN use to roll it out is powdered sugar and corn starch. Only corn starch can dry up the fondant and the powdered sugar can make it too sweet.
But I used the sugar and if you don’t need to knead it over and over the sweetness won’t be that bad just take care of not making too many mistakes while rolling out the fondant.

In a few weeks school is over and I’m thinking of picking up the recipe a week thing again.
I apologize to the ones waiting for it, but it has been a bit hectic in my life so please wait for July.
There are so many things I need to (still) learn at the moment even though it looked easy in the beginning there are more and more details added that are important to know as well.
But now is the question what should I bake for the start of the recipes??
Oh well it will be a surprise until July.

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