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I want your opinion about deco on cakes

You see them sometimes in the windows of certain stores.
Those plastic decoration on top of all kinds of cakes and wherever to make it more pretty.
I even see actual roses put into cakes. :S

Now I am someone who eats until something is wrong.
So if they don’t inform me that it is plastic, I definitely leave my teeth marks on the so-called “flower” or what ever is put on.

Even during one class I saw flowers for decoration and wanted to try out the flavour, only to identify it as plain plastic. T-T

I know that making flowers or other kinds of decorations are expensive for the customers to make yourself and time-consuming, buying is a little less expensive, but if no one wants them you lose your money.
Of course I take out the weddingtoppers on this subject, because those are memorabilia.

Now my question was: What do you think about fake decoration on sweets?

Is it acceptable?
Do you have problems with it?
Do you like it a lot as a cheaper solution?

I like to hear your opinion about it.
Thank you in advance ^^



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