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Meringue week

This whole week was only about meringue!
We were divided into several groups and our group had meringue.
Me and 2 other classmates had to do a presentation about it.
We had a report about meringue existing of 25 pages full of words, going from the ingredients to the regulation.

And still the teacher had material to fill up ours!

old picture

old picture

The above picture is very old, but I learned before I wanted to be a pastry chef that meringue can handle fillings.

Now I know that there are four types of meringue. (after having added the shift sugar)

  1. Raw (dutch) : just put sugar in while it turns
  2. Heavy (german): get the sugar with a little bit of water to 45 degrees celsius and add to the turning egg white
  3. Cooked (Italian/French): cook the sugar with a bit of water to 118 degrees celsius and add it (in one tiny stream) while it turns slow
  4. Hazelnut (with small broken hazelnuts in it)

What sugar does to the product and where to look out for, when making meringue.

  1. Powdered sugar (except for the ones ment for freezers or moist) : good and lots of air compositions, but can make the meringue sandy.
  2. Crystal sugar: good, less air composition, but is overall used for heated meringue.
  3. Other sugars like brown sugar and such isn’t used, because of the oil layer around them or any added stuff.
    Remember! egg white is sensitive for any pollution into it.

First of all, and this is the most important, make sure you’re material you use is cleansed. (tat and filth free)
Since we were making meringue in school, we constantly had the teacher telling us that we needed to measure the egg white straight into the mixing bowl, because if we use a measuring cup we could get the egg white polluted that disturbs the albumin that gets air into it.

And apparently (a test to do for in class maybe) the ash of a cigarette can save a collapsed meringue, the problem is you then got ash into your food. (not recommended to do for food purpose, but rather an experiment if you want to know the connection)

I think I could rattle on for several blogs like this. 😀
but hey it is reading material and maybe useful as well.


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Schoolwork and a sweet party

First off is schoolwork.
For the first few lessons we can bring the things we make home ^^
So here are “Boterbiesjes.”

I don’t know what they are called in English X3
Even though they look like sandcookies they’re absolutely not that.
I tried them and there not so crumbly and loose as a sandcookie and they are a bit harder to bite in them as well.
Not that you have to put a lot of effort in it…..I just can’t describe it well for now TT-TT

But yesterday I had a lot of fun.
A friend of mine wanted to give a little party for about 6 other people with cake and cookies Xp
I had to come up with the cake flavour and stuff like that.
I was absolutely clueless for a whole week!  But then decided to make something most of the people trust they’re flavourbuds too.

This is my piece from this morning . ^^ Cinnamon cake with a sort of applesauce in between.
My parents have tasted it and complemented me on it.
YAY!!!! ^^

I left the colour of choice for the whipped cream to that friend mine and she chose light-green.
Even though the whipped-cream was a bit over-beat the gelatine that I put in kept it a bit firm luckily enough.
And I decorated the sides with some nougatine that you most of the time find on cakes.

I’m really happy at the moment with the cake and school working out in the end.
But I’ll try to bake at least once a week at home to put up in my blog, since I don’t think I will get my bakes home after this week. 😛

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Chocolate chip scone

Today I had to wait for a call from school to let me know where I’m gonna have a test day.
So after some waiting I wanted to bake something and just when I started, I got a call.

This is what I made ^^

I’m glad to know where I am going to have a test day. But I think I’m gonna enjoy working like a baker.

Pretty huh!

Now the only thing I have to do is get an appointment with the owner of the bakery to get an introduction and ask questions of course.
Never had scones before so I don’t know if they taste right, but they were good enough to eat. Even my mum told me it tasted good.
From the head the ingredients:

  • 225 grams self-rising flour
  • 5 tablespoons of butter (I thought that was weird to see it in the recipe like that but it worked out fine in the end)
  • 50 gram of chocolate drops
  • 1 tablespoon of refined brown sugar (white sugar)
  • 1.5 dl milk  (you need to get a smooth dough and this amount is a bit much so if you add in the milk bit by bit you can determine yourself if it is good enough or not)

Baked on 200 degrees for about 15 minutes. (just so they were a bit brown on the sides)

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Honey cake


Filled with pastrycream and chocolateglaze on top

Yes I have been baking again but this time it is only made with mix-packages *blushes* I’m supposed to bake every week and try to making it from scratch but that hasn’t been going so well -_-‘

The only thing I DID make myself was ‘the supposed to be ganache‘ which became a good chocolate sauce for over the cake.

Chocolate sauce at least tastes great

The recipe I used forgot to mention I needed butter to make ganache -_-‘  OBVIOUS huh! I’ve checked the internet and they ALL contained butter except the one I had XD.

But I also made some snacks for work and just used the recipe for bread sticks.

Most of them came out bloated but these…..

...were just fine

Too bad I left them out on the table since there used to be a lot more until my dad found them XD.

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Chocolate! i scream ^^

I could not let this go by. I had leftover whipped cream, some chocolate (always ready to bake) and eggs (bought 30 and they went away quick with baking those cakes last week)

And seeing different ice-cream recipes in my multitudes of recipe books (never counted them but when I was 17 I already had about 25 and there have been more coming into my collection in those years) I used my own this time since I did not trust the recipe books.

I had cases that you try something and follow the recipe EXACTLY like in the book and they end up in something they’re not supposed to be. (churros and cookies TT-TT)

Chocolate icecream

(sorry not the best picture but this was kinda my second portion already XD)

Tastes like those ready-made chocolate milk you can buy in a supermarket.

Think I know why…a little bit of vanilla-essence did it.

It is really sweet taste and I hope next time will be a lot better since I didn’t stir occasionally (yeah, we don’t have an ice-cream machine) and then it kinda hardened. But as soon as it melted a bit it became creamy ^^

Until next time 😛

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Well I baked a cake today but too bad I could not eat it myself.

It was meant for my little cousins birthday and was filled with strawberries. Luckily a neighbour who visited could tell me if the cake was OK or not and she told me it was delicious.

Strawberry cake

Hehe pretty huh ^^

Took me several hours too bake 2 cakes but I’m mostly proud of this one because I made the dough from scratch. In Dutch this dough is called “biscuit” but don’t know what it is in english 😛

So enjoy the picture and if you would like to know what is in it leave a message and I’ll add it in this blogthingie.

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