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Truffle chocolate

Super glad right now!
Know why?
Well I’ve made chocolate treats at school. ^^
Chocolate truffles and chocolate bonbons.

It is fun to make, but it takes a lot more time to make the interior than the actual chocolate bonbons.
We don’t have a lot of choices for the shape at school and this just so happened to be left.
This one was filled with instant coffee and hazelnut pâte.
(I did taste test in between with the pure coffee and hazelnut pâte, which stunned my tongue for several minutes, so I had to search for victims who could say if there should be more hazelnut in it or not)
In the end I did get the right amount so that none overruled each other. 😛

It is a creme filling btw

And we also made truffles!!

The hardest part was getting them through the chocolate, without letting the creme get soft, and without a too thick layer of chocolate around them.
The first batch of chocolate was too much tempered so it got quicker solid than we could throw in the creme.
The second batch of chocolate was tempered too little so the chocolate didn’t get solid enough resulting in a lot truffles on the plate with cocoa/powdered sugar that couldn’t be picked up quickly.
I learned a lot though.

We even got to spout chocolate letters!
That was actually quite easy as well. And my class had to make an order of 35 letters with 8 persons to spout chocolate.
It resulted in some extra chocolate letters. Luckily chocolate can stay good for quite a long time, while it is conditioned in the right way of course.

Next week we are going to focus on meringue. (Maybe I’m even allowed to make my chocolate – peppermint ones ^^)


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Exam and a taste from a shop

Okay I’m quite drained right now.
About 4 hours ago I still was busy with my exam. (had more than 2 hour drive to get back because of a traffic jam)
Luckily they did not say I failed unlike 2 other classmates, but with my end result coming into a grey zone I feel unsure about the result.
My creme rolls were good, the cinnamon pretzel were just caramelized (almost to the burn) and my chocolate garnish I had to make was done in a few minutes. (some exam students were surprised I did it that quick)
The bad side is, I forgot to put some alcohol soaked raisins in one roll, burned a side of some of the biscuit and the pretzels might have been a little bit too brown to their liking.
I don’t like being in the grey zone, I want to know now if I have to redo it or not!
But you can’t have everything.

Now a few weeks ago (yeah I was busy sorry for letting you know so late) I bought some sweets (I think it was around mothersday) and me an my mom enjoyed it a lot.
But I did not forget to take pictures for you.

It tastes good! A bit heavy for dessert, but ideal for people who like sweet things and can eat this on a half empty stomach. 😀 (luckily I can)

So here you see the inside.
It is made from a cookie, chocolate biscuit, caramel, seems like swiss cream and chocolate mousse topped of with a chocolate glaze and decorated with macarons.

Belgium seriously is a heck lot different from Netherland with their products.
Of course there are some similarities, but I’m seeing a lot of things I don’t know which makes me really curious.
Maybe I should go check more often at other pastry shops.

Resubmit: I totally forgot to link the shop where this comes from!
Be sure to check it out 😛

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Garfield (marzipan)

Yes I’ve done something with marzipan again.
And this time Garfield was my victim.
For practice my teacher couldn’t come and the replacement did not expect to explain anything so instead of doing the schedule we had to choose.
It was either practice marzipan or practice piping with chocolate in different shapes.  Marzipan being my worst attribute I started making my object.
I did not have a picture with me, but this is the result.

Made with a phone and altered to let the colours come out better.

The head was 25 grams and the body was 60 grams.
A bit like superpig in my other post.
The tail was 5 or 10 grams….. I can’t recall anymore. ^-^’

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Spring time!

Yes, it is spring!
And I have been really busy lately.
Just had 2 fulltime work weeks (10 out of 14 days) working at a bakery for my internship.
But finally rested fully and this is what I have done.

I had to go shopping for my parent’s café and bought a rubber mould (see egg and bunny) for myself.
Even though the box said to have contained a mould for 5 different sized eggs I got a bunny and one egg.
Still looks cute! ^-^
And I finally have used one of my bon-bon moulds I bought like years ago.

Used some hazelnut paste (the kind you use to eat with bread) and mixed it with chocolate to make the filling.
It was a bit heavy on the stomach since it was all pure chocolate. 😛

During the time I was absent here I have gotten a guitar, planted tomatoes, herbs, garlic and strawberries and found a hedgehog while spitting through compost to make a kitchen garden.
Now I only have to make marzipan daffodils to practice for me re-exam which is in a month.
I hope I do make it through this time.

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Cholestrol bomb

Yes I made a cholestrol bomb.
What that might be? Well, it’s just a simple creme roll.

These darlings are made by me and took home four pieces. (after paying :s)
The creme is flavoured with cognac.
There is one piece missing, because I let my mom taste it as soon as I came home.
She loved it.

The batter is not an instant mix, because those tend to be more stiff and harder to roll up.
So the usual batter I used (I seem to stay away from instants as much as possible) 
I was carefully putting the batter into the oven since I burned my arms (yes 2 at once) at the same oven last friday. (luckily only 1st degree)

The highest oven seems to work the best at the bread side, but is hard to reach since it is at eye level for me.

But I did get a compliment from the teacher for these creme rolls, because there weren’t air pockets in it. (which are difficult to get rid off)

I also helped a friend of mine baking here pieces since the ovens weren’t warm enough.
She was busy with also something that contains cremé.
It is for an upcoming contest for student bakers. (I also attend but no clue what to do)
I gave my thought once about the idea and to see it coming alive was amazing.
But she was still experimenting with the flavours.
Curious what she will send in.

Still need to think something up. 6 creme products and 12 crumbledough cookies.
All need to be delivered and identical to each other.
Luckily it is in February.

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Yay I baked something!
Well I did say I would start posting stuff of my baking even though the recipes aren’t really coming yet.
Why? Because I’m still learning from mistakes I’m making.
In fact I’m baking without using my knowledge to figure out what could go wrong.

And it did go wrong. (sort of :P)
I was preparing the ingredients for my cookie dough and I wanted the butter to be soft quick, so I put it 30 seconds in the microwave, but then it got too soft.
The problem you get from this is that your dough doesn’t want to stiffen up in the refrigerator, it becomes more sticky than usual and this makes it hard to roll out the dough and move it around. (since it breaks more easily)

Also it gives a lot of mess when the dough is sticky.

In the end I did succeed in making cookies, but they didn’t become nice and round like they should’ve been.

Luckily they taste good.
I used the brown sugar instead of the whitened version since I wanted to know the difference in taste after baking.
And it does give a little flavour to the cookie instead of only making it sweet.

Tips again for myself and the readers:
Don’t microwave/heat-up the butter unless it is described. (most likely only for cookies that need to go through a pipingbag)
Don’t use brown sugar when you want to make a colour difference. (I was supposed to make a chocolate swirl :S)
And brown sugar gives a more deep flavour to the cookie itself.

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Sorry…but I got cake!

For the ones who see my blog might have noticed that I haven’t been blogging lately.
Well I think I just lost a bit of confidence in keeping up the recipe a week.
But at least I made cake!! and desert. ^^

My brother’s birthday came up and he and his wife told me different things on what he actually wanted on his birthday.
Of course I listened to  what my brother said and pleased my sister-in-law with some meringues.
Here is the cake.

I let my mom help with the last bit of decoration since she likes to do that, but I was always shooing her out of the kitchen normally.
(When making dinner for friends she wants to do it, but I take over since she sometimes doesn’t know what to do when people are already coming in)
She was proud and so was I.
Then this week I got to take home pastryshells from school. (made them myself XD) and filled them with bavarois.
It became really sugary but it filled the corners of what dinner had left open.

My dad liked it as well and when he came home today he ate the leftover bavarois that mom wanted as desert. (which was still quite a lot)
But at least this means it was good.

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