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Truffle chocolate

Super glad right now!
Know why?
Well I’ve made chocolate treats at school. ^^
Chocolate truffles and chocolate bonbons.

It is fun to make, but it takes a lot more time to make the interior than the actual chocolate bonbons.
We don’t have a lot of choices for the shape at school and this just so happened to be left.
This one was filled with instant coffee and hazelnut pâte.
(I did taste test in between with the pure coffee and hazelnut pâte, which stunned my tongue for several minutes, so I had to search for victims who could say if there should be more hazelnut in it or not)
In the end I did get the right amount so that none overruled each other. 😛

It is a creme filling btw

And we also made truffles!!

The hardest part was getting them through the chocolate, without letting the creme get soft, and without a too thick layer of chocolate around them.
The first batch of chocolate was too much tempered so it got quicker solid than we could throw in the creme.
The second batch of chocolate was tempered too little so the chocolate didn’t get solid enough resulting in a lot truffles on the plate with cocoa/powdered sugar that couldn’t be picked up quickly.
I learned a lot though.

We even got to spout chocolate letters!
That was actually quite easy as well. And my class had to make an order of 35 letters with 8 persons to spout chocolate.
It resulted in some extra chocolate letters. Luckily chocolate can stay good for quite a long time, while it is conditioned in the right way of course.

Next week we are going to focus on meringue. (Maybe I’m even allowed to make my chocolate – peppermint ones ^^)


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The cakes aren’t a lie

So yesterday a really fun day.
Yes I’m back from the party.

 Had a lot to talk with friends I haven’t seen for a while.
And had a good friend to talk with, since most of them were unfamiliar for me and where friends from friends.
BUT the cakes came out pretty…. for my good friends at least.
My cake came last place since theirs was birthday present from me.

Strawberry, chocolate and coffee


Chocolate,chocolate and after eight (peppermint with chocolate)

Yesterday I was really afraid I wouldn’t make it and then my friend found out not a lot of people had seen the invite.
So last-minute called a few who we didn’t want to miss and I didn’t have to bake extra stuff.
That saved a lot of time and stress and I could make the marzipan roses quickly. (10 minute per piece completely by hand)
I even made some extra roses but didn’t make anything for my cake beforehand, so here is the result for that.

Like about 15 mintes or less for the decoration on top, but my cake was the first to be almost completely gone!
Mostly also because people found the cinnamon flavour for a cake interesting. (and not a big fan of chocolate)

The black birthday cake cost the most amount of time since I had to paint without a picture and without ruler.
I ended up a little bit higher than starting point, but you can’t blame me for this was my first time painting a cake.

My friends were happy with it, I was happy with it and the guests as well.
I love getting comments for my homemade cakes!
And I did it all without professional stuff! (improvisation can come out pretty well :D)


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Exam and a taste from a shop

Okay I’m quite drained right now.
About 4 hours ago I still was busy with my exam. (had more than 2 hour drive to get back because of a traffic jam)
Luckily they did not say I failed unlike 2 other classmates, but with my end result coming into a grey zone I feel unsure about the result.
My creme rolls were good, the cinnamon pretzel were just caramelized (almost to the burn) and my chocolate garnish I had to make was done in a few minutes. (some exam students were surprised I did it that quick)
The bad side is, I forgot to put some alcohol soaked raisins in one roll, burned a side of some of the biscuit and the pretzels might have been a little bit too brown to their liking.
I don’t like being in the grey zone, I want to know now if I have to redo it or not!
But you can’t have everything.

Now a few weeks ago (yeah I was busy sorry for letting you know so late) I bought some sweets (I think it was around mothersday) and me an my mom enjoyed it a lot.
But I did not forget to take pictures for you.

It tastes good! A bit heavy for dessert, but ideal for people who like sweet things and can eat this on a half empty stomach. 😀 (luckily I can)

So here you see the inside.
It is made from a cookie, chocolate biscuit, caramel, seems like swiss cream and chocolate mousse topped of with a chocolate glaze and decorated with macarons.

Belgium seriously is a heck lot different from Netherland with their products.
Of course there are some similarities, but I’m seeing a lot of things I don’t know which makes me really curious.
Maybe I should go check more often at other pastry shops.

Resubmit: I totally forgot to link the shop where this comes from!
Be sure to check it out 😛

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Chocolates, dvd’s and busy

Ahhh finally some rest.
I’ve worked every day (at least 6 hours) for 8 days straight. (all in a bakery)
Today I’ve finally got some rest and directly got bored…-_-‘

So I started thinking. “What should I make?”
First I thought muffins, but the recipes I have are all with something extra and you can’t get out an original recipe.
Second where meringues, but the weather is too hot to eat that much sugar.
Then again I came back to the old-fashioned cookies.

Maybe not that old-fashioned ^-^’

Ok might be a bit lazy with this weather, but it is really hot and even the chocolate did not become solid.
Could also be because I didn’t melt it the right way.

Don’t know how many I made.

looks good 😛

Two full plates at least, but I don’t have that big of an oven.
But I enjoyed baking.

For some this is their childhood memory, but my parents never really had time for this.

I also bought some asian dvd’s to watch.

Well I already had seen the bottom 2 before, but I found them good enough to buy. (the first was heavily promoted on deviantart a few years back and now you don’t see a thing about it during search :s)
Especially the middle one is good…. and I aimed for the “Making the movie” part.
Now I only need to find time to watch and re watch them. TT-TT

I’m a bit too  busy for my own good.
Next week is just as bad, because I also will have my exam friday.
For some reason I do feel confident, but always feel unsure of the result. (It can always go better, right?)
Well I should pass this time in one go or else I have to wait for next school year.  :\
Let’s hope for the best. 🙂

For the ones who have seen my kitchen garden stuff…. it has gotten a bit bigger.
Got raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, tomato, bell pepper plants and carrots now.
A pear tree and herbs as well, just got to get rid of the pesky ants.

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Garfield (marzipan)

Yes I’ve done something with marzipan again.
And this time Garfield was my victim.
For practice my teacher couldn’t come and the replacement did not expect to explain anything so instead of doing the schedule we had to choose.
It was either practice marzipan or practice piping with chocolate in different shapes.  Marzipan being my worst attribute I started making my object.
I did not have a picture with me, but this is the result.

Made with a phone and altered to let the colours come out better.

The head was 25 grams and the body was 60 grams.
A bit like superpig in my other post.
The tail was 5 or 10 grams….. I can’t recall anymore. ^-^’

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Spring time!

Yes, it is spring!
And I have been really busy lately.
Just had 2 fulltime work weeks (10 out of 14 days) working at a bakery for my internship.
But finally rested fully and this is what I have done.

I had to go shopping for my parent’s café and bought a rubber mould (see egg and bunny) for myself.
Even though the box said to have contained a mould for 5 different sized eggs I got a bunny and one egg.
Still looks cute! ^-^
And I finally have used one of my bon-bon moulds I bought like years ago.

Used some hazelnut paste (the kind you use to eat with bread) and mixed it with chocolate to make the filling.
It was a bit heavy on the stomach since it was all pure chocolate. 😛

During the time I was absent here I have gotten a guitar, planted tomatoes, herbs, garlic and strawberries and found a hedgehog while spitting through compost to make a kitchen garden.
Now I only have to make marzipan daffodils to practice for me re-exam which is in a month.
I hope I do make it through this time.

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Theme cake

Yesterday was the last day of school this year.
There was a lot of rain!
My car went through a puddle and the water came halfway my window.
And, when I was already busy, everybody came in completely drenched from the rain.
Everybody had to do a theme cake or an occasion cake.

So when I started making my cake (for a first I used one ready but frozen base) I used cream and amaretto to flavour it.
There was a filling of macaroons (the almond like)or “Bitterkoekjes” like they are called in dutch.
I decorated it with dark chocolate.

Don’t have to say it didn’t go all that well.
The chocolate I used to decorate with had some lumps.
So the lines aren’t straight and all the same.
Glad I don’t have to do this for my next exam.

Oh and the words on the cake mean Autumn.

I brought of course this one home (or else I wouldn’t be talking about it and show the picture.)
And my friends who visited me in the café got a little piece from me.
Had to do that sneakily since there were a lot of customers, since in the café there was a party going.
They took a bite and said I can make one for their birthday.
Always fun to do! So I agreed.

Also got a little present for the holidays from a friend. (since we live 1 hour apart and both have busy lives)
Glad to have talked to them (after 3 months not have seen each other) and I definitely am going to make something special for their birthday.

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