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Truffle chocolate

Super glad right now!
Know why?
Well I’ve made chocolate treats at school. ^^
Chocolate truffles and chocolate bonbons.

It is fun to make, but it takes a lot more time to make the interior than the actual chocolate bonbons.
We don’t have a lot of choices for the shape at school and this just so happened to be left.
This one was filled with instant coffee and hazelnut pâte.
(I did taste test in between with the pure coffee and hazelnut pâte, which stunned my tongue for several minutes, so I had to search for victims who could say if there should be more hazelnut in it or not)
In the end I did get the right amount so that none overruled each other. 😛

It is a creme filling btw

And we also made truffles!!

The hardest part was getting them through the chocolate, without letting the creme get soft, and without a too thick layer of chocolate around them.
The first batch of chocolate was too much tempered so it got quicker solid than we could throw in the creme.
The second batch of chocolate was tempered too little so the chocolate didn’t get solid enough resulting in a lot truffles on the plate with cocoa/powdered sugar that couldn’t be picked up quickly.
I learned a lot though.

We even got to spout chocolate letters!
That was actually quite easy as well. And my class had to make an order of 35 letters with 8 persons to spout chocolate.
It resulted in some extra chocolate letters. Luckily chocolate can stay good for quite a long time, while it is conditioned in the right way of course.

Next week we are going to focus on meringue. (Maybe I’m even allowed to make my chocolate – peppermint ones ^^)


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My first buttercream!

Yes it is true. I never made buttercream nor do I know a time I even ate some.

Since I’m trying to bake something up every week I wanted to try out the buttercream since I wondered how it tastes.

Here is my result 😀

Pink buttercream frosting

Dark chocolate cupcake + pink buttercream

I even added some coffee in the other part of the buttercream which started off as pink 😛

Macchiato buttercream


So the basic for this buttercream was (and I’m taking this from out of my head because I’m to lazy to walk down at the moment and get the recipe book):

1 egg

1 egg yolk

75 grams of sugar

2 packets of vanilla sugar

(these above ingredients are constantly mixed when heated au-bainmarie and afterwards cooled in a bowl of ice while maintaining them in their mixing bowl of course)

250 grams of butter

40 grams of powdered sugar

(the butter is mixed until smooth and then the powdered sugar goes in it and mixed again)

Then you add bit by bit the egg mixture to the butter mixture while you mix and tadaaa!! you have buttercream 😛

But for me I rather try out another kind of frosting for my cupcakes since I’m not used too this amount of butter ^^’ maybe meringuefrosting is better?

I’ll see that next week.


PS if you want to add a flavor you have to do that when you have obtained the buttercream and bit by bit add the flavor while mixing

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