I think I’ve been sleeping

Oh wow already havent posted for a very long time! TT-TT
So so so sorry! But for your cheering I had a horrible week for further notice read below.

I can make up all kinds of excuses, like I had to decorate the café and break it down as well before and after Halloween, had to help during Halloween, had some friends over etc. etc.

This is still what I got from the contest in the goodie bag and all.
Glad I got the recipe book for ice-cream with the goodie bag, but the macarons where well but not all were tasty.
My first was spinach. ūüė¶
I like spinach a lot, but not cold and sweet as sugar. (didn’t expect me to say that huh?)

BUT this week was absolutely horrible at school.
I was nervous since I had to be a CHEF this week.
This ment I had to take in and clean up the material that comes in, checking it beforehand of course, and give everyone a cleaning task.

That last part was absolutely horrible!!
Everybody tried to go into a discussion with me, they tried to get the easiest cleaning jobs, they deliberately made extra stuff to get out of the cleaning tasks and I completely stressed out.
I am glad I didn’t drive some one of the high way, because of all the cropped up anger I got during class.
The worst thing was, they claimed I didn’t do anything!

I was giving out tasks, helped cleaning, needed to check everything if it was done, helped cleaning, helped packaging.
And after their tasks were done, instead of asking the chef (me) what could be done,  they grouped up like a group of sheeps and started talking to each other deaf of what I had to say.
Is it actually that bad to not know your classmates names? I know them by face for almost 2 years now.

Even my friends from class…. well I sit with them sometimes…anyhow, they sat in a place to avoid extra jobs.
Like….the foremost thing of becoming a baker niveau 3 means that they need to show initiative!

Luckily I don’t need to become a chef anymore, for school that is.
I know that if I am ever going to start-up my business I don’t hire my classmates! (except for one since she can calm me down when stressed and such)


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Goudengard: Part 2 the actual contest

So the contest I participated in was a small part of the actual contest.
Designing a cake was just for letting the young bakers see what they can achieve and what they could do in the future.
To inspire them and not let them be afraid to participate the bigger contest.

The contest that it was all about, was the Goudengard itself.
The contestants needed to make an edible showpiece (only edible things allowed), 2 sorts of bonbons, 3 sorts of teacookies (those you eat after you had your meal and end it with a coffee/tea) and 3 marzipan figures. Ow and they had to make a dessert cake as well!
Some could be made beforehand like the showpiece itself and the marzipan figures.
And it was amazing how many different themes there were and what was set up.

One of the pieces neatly organized

The 1st prize winner

Sometimes they speak for themselves

It was absolutely amazing to see all 8 contestants pieces. They worked 7 hours with just a few breaks to set it up and make what they had to make.
I think I want to do this next year since I’m getting a hang of going to contests, but I will be 23 next year which means I’m not allowed for the talents contest, but I will be allowed for the Goudengard. (means Golden Whisk in dutch btw.)

I’m already getting ideas for the showpiece and flavours. But my mind kind of got stuck with the songs of Queen and now the draft is a bit based on it. (a tree stump where white orchids grow and branches with all kinds of colourful flowers since they inspire people and had a great influence):P
Don’t know if that will be my final draft, but I still have a full year to go and think about it. I only hope I don’t make it last-minute work.

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Goudengard: Talents contest

Yesterday became a full, educational, fun and inspiring day.
I went to the contest with a lot of classmates, so that made it even more fun.

The result……I came 20th out of 32 people! (and proud of it)

It wasn’t an easy contest at all, the contestants all delivered a high quality dessert cake.

My cake for the contest

The mirror on the cake slipped a little, because of the defrosting.
I had a wonderfull idea the night before the contest, but that was too late too make it and put it into the design. (did make a note for next time)

The next time I will talk about another thing from the contest, because I have too much to talk about and too little time to post it since I have the rest of the week my internship in the bakery. (Wake up at 4:20 means I need to sleep in a few minutes :P)

Some of the other cakes were:




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If you look closely

Well I had a fine day of work behind me.
I got to make a few strawberry pies, biscuit (even got to set the oven myself :D), fruit pies and then the special ones needed to be done.
I got to make a whipped cream fruit cake filled with of course whipped cream and custard!
On top I had to place the fruit which went better than I thought.

But then I had to make something I never heard of.
It was called the Tart Maison.

I really was clueless what to do. 1. I never made it, 2. I don’t know what it was made off and 3. I never heard of it until now.
It looked really awesome when finished! Don’t you think?
Made from puff pastry shell bottom, custard, fruits, a grid from choux pastry, whipped cream, and top decoration is thin almond slices mixed with something. (I don’t know what but it looks crumbly and smells good)
I should have made a picture of the whipped cream fruit cake I made! D: It looked great.

But I don’t know what I had today but 2 times I let a full plastic container with fruit fall on the ground and a baking tray.

At least I did not let a fully made cake, that also had been divided, fall on the ground like I once did when I just started.
It still is sometimes hard to pick up a pie with a cake cardboard that bends easily with my small hands, compared to the pie/ cake size.

Think I’m going to draw the cakes and pies I see coming by.
There are so many I don’t know and so many that aren’t made because it either is too heavy, too much work or too hard to divide.


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Still posting just a long time away

For the ones who expected me to post some things have been a bit let down.

The reason I have been away is because I had to go to the funeral of my grandfather, preparing for a test and had a lot (maybe too much) of thinking to do.
I did take pictures and stuff like that, currently preparing for the contest here in Netherland for student bakers.
But good news! This school¬†year I’m allowed to graduate and next year I could be doing patissery.

Just a little bit busy as well since I have 3 days of practice at school and 2 days work in a bakery.
For the first time I even got homework. Already gone trough milk products, eggs and now we’re at chocolate.
A lot of information in there.

Next week I’ll post about two pies I bought for my mom’s birthday.
Yes I know I could have made some myself, but I had to work as well so it was easier if I bought some after working.

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The haunted house project (korean movie)

Finally saw a movie again that I haven’t watched.
And for some sadly a horror movie, but there is a lot from those good horror movies coming from Asia though.

So this time I watched The haunted house project
In short: A group of 3 ghostseekers 1 studentdirector, 1 audio and 1 camera guy go in search of a good haunted house.
They choose a broken down factory where all kinds of rumors came from.
A secretary got missing and a family got killed, but they go in and stay for the night even though they got warned by the villagers. What will they find?

This movie has a storyline that it is made from the footage found at the site where the people disappeared.
Sadly the movie has bits and pieces that prove the opposite.
You do feel tension, because of the darkness and the fact you aren’t able to see much, which makes you wonder what hides in the dark.
It is a little bit predictable and if you are easily scared not a movie for you.
Even though the movie isn’t the top of the top nor logical, for a fright night with friends this would be do-able as starter.

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A lost cake and my garden

Last week I didn’t post anything, because my grandfather got through a rough time.
He was almost pronounced dead and some days later the doctors didn’t think he would survive it that day resulting in a very chaotic weekend. Continue reading

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