Hello anyone,

But who am I? Well I am just a girl like any other.
I like movies, sweets (a lot!), baking and being crafty.
I have an deviantart account and that’s the place I’m the most.
My hobbies are mostly by season (and boredom) so you may find some posts about:
-drawing and painting
-other crafty stuff

I love sweets, sunshine, bright colours (especially blue, pink and green) and being hyperhappy*.

I’ll put up things about movies and sweets

My favourite movie is Antique bakery!
I am currently learning to become a pâtissière or at least something close to it, this might help a lot (maybe less mistakes?).

I just hope this blog will be helpfull and may inspire you.


* hyperhappy: being very annoying to others while being happy and it looks like you had too much caffeine or sugar XD


2 responses to “Bio

  1. I love the colours used in you blog and your banner is brilliant. Great job 🙂

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