(No I haven’t been in movies XD)

Since 2010 somewhere around November I’ve started wathing asian movies.
And I must say there are quite some good ones.

Normally when seeing a movie on the TV it is mostly American movies. (not that there bad but just not my style)

Until I got to see MTV Asian screen. (around 2007 or 2006)
I was glad that it was playing something different. But thanks to school forgot it for a few years.

Until I started searching movies on the web and there I found them again 😛

Now I’m keeping a list of what I have watched so far ^^. (unless I forget to cross them off in my notebook)

So posts about movies are just my opinion of what I think and how I experienced the movie.


It is for my also a practice to give good comments on things since I always make it sound better than it can be or the opposite ^^’


If you know a movie I haven’t seen yet, please comment me if you think it should be watched ^^ or if you want to know if it is good or not.


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