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If you look closely

Well I had a fine day of work behind me.
I got to make a few strawberry pies, biscuit (even got to set the oven myself :D), fruit pies and then the special ones needed to be done.
I got to make a whipped cream fruit cake filled with of course whipped cream and custard!
On top I had to place the fruit which went better than I thought.

But then I had to make something I never heard of.
It was called the Tart Maison.

I really was clueless what to do. 1. I never made it, 2. I don’t know what it was made off and 3. I never heard of it until now.
It looked really awesome when finished! Don’t you think?
Made from puff pastry shell bottom, custard, fruits, a grid from choux pastry, whipped cream, and top decoration is thin almond slices mixed with something. (I don’t know what but it looks crumbly and smells good)
I should have made a picture of the whipped cream fruit cake I made! D: It looked great.

But I don’t know what I had today but 2 times I let a full plastic container with fruit fall on the ground and a baking tray.

At least I did not let a fully made cake, that also had been divided, fall on the ground like I once did when I just started.
It still is sometimes hard to pick up a pie with a cake cardboard that bends easily with my small hands, compared to the pie/ cake size.

Think I’m going to draw the cakes and pies I see coming by.
There are so many I don’t know and so many that aren’t made because it either is too heavy, too much work or too hard to divide.



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Theme cake

Yesterday was the last day of school this year.
There was a lot of rain!
My car went through a puddle and the water came halfway my window.
And, when I was already busy, everybody came in completely drenched from the rain.
Everybody had to do a theme cake or an occasion cake.

So when I started making my cake (for a first I used one ready but frozen base) I used cream and amaretto to flavour it.
There was a filling of macaroons (the almond like)or “Bitterkoekjes” like they are called in dutch.
I decorated it with dark chocolate.

Don’t have to say it didn’t go all that well.
The chocolate I used to decorate with had some lumps.
So the lines aren’t straight and all the same.
Glad I don’t have to do this for my next exam.

Oh and the words on the cake mean Autumn.

I brought of course this one home (or else I wouldn’t be talking about it and show the picture.)
And my friends who visited me in the café got a little piece from me.
Had to do that sneakily since there were a lot of customers, since in the café there was a party going.
They took a bite and said I can make one for their birthday.
Always fun to do! So I agreed.

Also got a little present for the holidays from a friend. (since we live 1 hour apart and both have busy lives)
Glad to have talked to them (after 3 months not have seen each other) and I definitely am going to make something special for their birthday.

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Cholestrol bomb

Yes I made a cholestrol bomb.
What that might be? Well, it’s just a simple creme roll.

These darlings are made by me and took home four pieces. (after paying :s)
The creme is flavoured with cognac.
There is one piece missing, because I let my mom taste it as soon as I came home.
She loved it.

The batter is not an instant mix, because those tend to be more stiff and harder to roll up.
So the usual batter I used (I seem to stay away from instants as much as possible) 
I was carefully putting the batter into the oven since I burned my arms (yes 2 at once) at the same oven last friday. (luckily only 1st degree)

The highest oven seems to work the best at the bread side, but is hard to reach since it is at eye level for me.

But I did get a compliment from the teacher for these creme rolls, because there weren’t air pockets in it. (which are difficult to get rid off)

I also helped a friend of mine baking here pieces since the ovens weren’t warm enough.
She was busy with also something that contains cremé.
It is for an upcoming contest for student bakers. (I also attend but no clue what to do)
I gave my thought once about the idea and to see it coming alive was amazing.
But she was still experimenting with the flavours.
Curious what she will send in.

Still need to think something up. 6 creme products and 12 crumbledough cookies.
All need to be delivered and identical to each other.
Luckily it is in February.

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Last bake before moving

So sad that I have to move to the backyard of the new place.
Why to the backyard? Well let’s just put it that the last owners still don’t have their house finished, the date has already been moved a few months, and that’s why I have to live a few months in a caravan with my parents at our new address.
I never expected to go from Netherland to Belgium, but the sadder part is …. as long as the last owners don’t move out above the café my parents bought..I won’t have an oven. 😦
So I have to search alternative ways to make sweets without baking them in an oven. (I still bake at school, but I’m a bit shy to ask to bring over my camera)

Now for the recipe….I did make pictures but since we’re moving my mom accidentally took my camera cable so I can’t show them now.
So now you only have the recipe and hopefully next week the pictures of the process.

Cake in a cookie cup (in dutch ‘Gangmakers’) :
Dough:  100 gram flour, 70 gram butter, 45 gram sugar, 4 gram water and 2 gram baking powder
Mix the butter and sugar until smooth, then add the water. When this is mixed well put in the flour and baking powder and mix with your hand until granules are made.
Mix further until you get a ball of dough and put in the refrigerator for several minutes.

After a while (15 to 30 minutes) get the dough out of the refrigerator and knead it until it’s smooth again.
Roll out this dough and stamp out some circles that you can place in a cupcakemold or muffinmold.
Make sure there are edges since this will be your cup.

Filling: Apricot jam (or any other that you like)
place a teaspoon full in each dough cup. (make sure you mixed beforehand or else it doesn’t spread over the bottom during the baking)

100 gram flour, 1oo gram butter, 110 gram sugar, 2 eggs (about 100 gram)
Make from this your basic cake batter. (butter and sugar until white, egg in 3 parts added, adding flour while mixing it with a spatula)
Put it in a disposable bag (I used a plastic sandwich bag 🙂 ) and fill the cups just a little underneath the edges of the dough.

Bake at 210 degrees celsius for about 15 to 20 minutes and let them cool out of the mold. (it is quicker and makes sure they’re not cooking further in the mold.


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The cake!

I almost forgot to post the cake!
Or at least the recipe.
But I have a time to adjust to the new place where I have my internship. ( A bakery that I go to for school to learn how to work fast, neat, clean etc.)
Waking up in the morning around 3:50 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. is quite a difference.

Now for the recipe… it’s actually called Moscovic cake. (the name for using raisins in cake (simply said))
I adjusted the recipe a tiny little bit since I’m using a recipe from school…..and I’m leaving some stuff out as well since baking is always experimenting to your own liking. (but the basic will be here)

This recipe needs 2 bowls since the egg white and egg yolk need to be whipped up apart from each other.
But since you probably only have one mixer I adjusted it for the home bakers. (The whole process off but that would be a long long story)

First mix up: 100 grams of egg white + 63 grams of sugar until you can hold the bowl upside down without the mixture showing signs of moving. (this can be put aside for a little while so make sure everything else is ready!)
Second mix up: 120 grams egg yolk + 100 grams of sugar untill it is stiff.
Put the egg yolk mixture into the one of the egg white and stir several times (It doesn’t matter if it is completely mixed since you will be adding flour and that needs to be stirred as well)
Then put all in a big bowl  and while you mix you add little by little 110 grams of flour and 100 grams of finely chopped butter (MIXED IN THE FLOUR!)
As last you stir in soaked raisins, about 125 grams would do, depending on what you like.

Put it in a mould or just a cake mould and bake it at 180 degrees celsius for 45 minutes and when you did the poke test (with a bamboo stick that you use for barbeques and if anything sticks to it add 5 minutes to the time)
When done baking turn it over on a towel and let it cool down.

Sorry for the messy recipe and that there are no pictures.

I recommend reading the recipe first so that you can make a plan!
I currently have a cold, but at least I’m trying not to make this blog dead.

Several tips!!!!
1. Too make the raisins stick better you can put some flour through the raisins (flour makes it stick to the dough)
2. Make sure that the mould is coated with non-stick spray for baking (always!! when baking cake!)

That will be it for now…

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soaked raisin cake

Always (!) when you plan baking and want to use raisins you have to soak them first.
Or else they burn and lose their taste because of lack of moist.

So I soaked them in coffee liquor and of what I learned through biology it didn’t get much liquor in them because of the ratio sugar in both. (something to do with osmosis)
So adding some water to the coffee liquor made the raisins swell a bit more than without water.

After several hours letting them swell , the time depends on the temperature of the liquid and the thing mentioned above, I found it time to make the cake.

this is how traditional batter looks like ^^

And then baking it…

It tasted well, but because the raisins didn’t soak too well this was the result… a rimpled cake.
And for some extra flavour I  poured some of the leftover liqourmixture (sugar from the raisins and water) on top of my piece of cake.  ^_^

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Fondant cake

YES! First time ever making a cake covered in fondant.
I did not know what to expect and how sticky it could be.
But now I know and it is easier than expected. (except for the stickiness)
So I added decoration since it is also fathers day.

It tastes good. (better than expected)

Did you know you can’t really use flour for rolling out fondant.
Stuff you CAN use to roll it out is powdered sugar and corn starch. Only corn starch can dry up the fondant and the powdered sugar can make it too sweet.
But I used the sugar and if you don’t need to knead it over and over the sweetness won’t be that bad just take care of not making too many mistakes while rolling out the fondant.

In a few weeks school is over and I’m thinking of picking up the recipe a week thing again.
I apologize to the ones waiting for it, but it has been a bit hectic in my life so please wait for July.
There are so many things I need to (still) learn at the moment even though it looked easy in the beginning there are more and more details added that are important to know as well.
But now is the question what should I bake for the start of the recipes??
Oh well it will be a surprise until July.

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