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My nephews 2nd birthday cake

Okay this year’s birthday cake is supposed to be better than the last.
Again it was studio100 themed ‘Bumba’ cake.

The first I made

And I was only a half-year wise about pastry. (in other words I only had a half-year school when I made this)
One year later…

The second cake

Now exactly a year later with a little bit more experience I made this cake.
It still isn’t the best of the best.
But I like the fact I got the decoration smooth.

This year I took precautions, since I only have a mini oven, means I couldn’t bake a square cake like this, so I kindly asked one baker I know and he made it fresh on the day I came to pick up the biscuit and make my cake. ^_^

nice clean biscuit 😀

It was filled with strawberry jam and strawberry bavarois.
I took it the easy way with bavarois actually.
Since I understood it needed gelatine anyway, and in egg yolk there is lecithin that also acts as a thickener, I only used sugared cream, strawberry jam, egg white powder mixed with water and gelatine.
The egg yolk would give it a bit custard taste to it so I left that out on purpose and since gelatine stiffens the whole thing just as well I decided to use that.
Sadly I did this roughly with half following the measurement of a recipe book, so I don’t know how much I used of everything. ^_^’
Well I do know I used +/- one liter sugared cream (for whipped cream) in total and 10 gram egg white powder with 100 gram water (I did add sugar but did that on feeling) and 9 leafs of gelatine.
The strawberry jam and the sugar that was added was completely based on nothing. 😛

It still tasted good and even my sister-in-law was surprised how well it all looked.
I got some compliments, but my sister-in-law took a precaution as always and bought a 2 layer cake decorated with fondant. (It gave a little dent into my pride)
Next year I will try to be make an awesome cake for my nephew that would be better than the bought one.
At least I’ll try. 😛


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The cakes aren’t a lie

So yesterday a really fun day.
Yes I’m back from the party.

 Had a lot to talk with friends I haven’t seen for a while.
And had a good friend to talk with, since most of them were unfamiliar for me and where friends from friends.
BUT the cakes came out pretty…. for my good friends at least.
My cake came last place since theirs was birthday present from me.

Strawberry, chocolate and coffee


Chocolate,chocolate and after eight (peppermint with chocolate)

Yesterday I was really afraid I wouldn’t make it and then my friend found out not a lot of people had seen the invite.
So last-minute called a few who we didn’t want to miss and I didn’t have to bake extra stuff.
That saved a lot of time and stress and I could make the marzipan roses quickly. (10 minute per piece completely by hand)
I even made some extra roses but didn’t make anything for my cake beforehand, so here is the result for that.

Like about 15 mintes or less for the decoration on top, but my cake was the first to be almost completely gone!
Mostly also because people found the cinnamon flavour for a cake interesting. (and not a big fan of chocolate)

The black birthday cake cost the most amount of time since I had to paint without a picture and without ruler.
I ended up a little bit higher than starting point, but you can’t blame me for this was my first time painting a cake.

My friends were happy with it, I was happy with it and the guests as well.
I love getting comments for my homemade cakes!
And I did it all without professional stuff! (improvisation can come out pretty well :D)


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Exam and forgotten things

Yay! Finally through the exam with almost everything finished.
Still dislike peeling apples. Even though I ordered peeled ones I still had to do that myself.
But the biggest difference was that I gained  15 minutes extra for the marzipan daffodils. (that and I put some things in the dishwasher which I should not have done if I wanted more time)

Also found out I could take everything for free and a box costed €0,50 and you get a cover as well.
I knew I would come home with a full café at sight so I put in as much as I could get and used the cover to bring home my fruit-tart and the other was stuffed with cookies and 6 apple dumplings. 😀 
The cookies where quickly gone as well as the apple dumplings.
So I’m regretting at the moment for not taking pictures.
But look what I found in the computer!

Made this for someones birthday.
Really simple but I had about 1 hour to decorate and fill.
It is chocolate cake with vanilla cream (from a jar (ONLY IN CASE OF time EMERGENCY))
It is fully covered and decorated with fondant.
She liked it a lot… I thought it was way too sweet. (considering how much sugar was involved)

Then on to my garden.
The strawberries are doing well.

My babies!
They are growing so slow. 
Yet I hope they will live on and not die like my tomatoes. (cats and their instincts)
The sprouts outside are doing well. Mother nature is now taking care of them for the biggest part.
Now only cross my fingers she will stay kind. XD

P.s. I have watched a movie, but the review(s) have to wait since I lack a bit in time.
Helping a bit out in the café takes a lot of time and school gives some assignments as well.

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1st birthday cake

YAY! My nephew turned one a week ago.
I got the honour to make his birthday cake.

A lot of things went wrong the day before.
First I used the biscuitmix to make the base, but that burned and had to make biscuit from scratch since the bag with mix was empty.
Luckily that worked the next day I put in strawberry bavarois in and fresh strawberries.
This was still quite a big cake. (around 25 x 30 at least)
The fondant still had to be coloured so I did that in the morning.
But the sight of my hands where like that of a painter afterwards. 😛

A little note towards myself and others who read this:
Be carefull with gel food colours some need a little bit to get the right colour and some need a lot!
Always calculate in any mistakes, so that you wont get into trouble. (coming short of things and stuff like that)
I almost had orange instead of yellow luckily I had enough spare fondant.


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Birthday party

Few weeks I had a very small birthday party with some friends. (most of them had to work, planned something else or just didn’t reply)
But still it was lots of fun!
Some had to eat dinner so we made sushi. 🙂 and it tasted good with some salad as side dish.

Then I quickly made a whipped cream cake (only the cake was already baked the day before :p) and let themselves decorate their piece.
Which one is mine? ^^
Since I haven’t celebrated that many birthdays I mostly don’t know what to do so I am lucky with friends who are spontaneous and come up with things.
First we hold a little spontaneous shoot with our make up done. (first time doing something this girlish with others)
Then afterwards we watched a movie about the queen Elizabeth. (and the golden age)
It was interesting but it got a bit late so some were sleeping halfway through the movie so we skipped the last half hour of the movie. :p
In a week or so school is already over. 0_0
Times goes by quick… too quick.  Even though it was just a half-year of school it still went by quicker then expected.
After summer I’ll be already in my second year. (In other words I’ll stay in the same class)
Let’s hope next year will go as well as this half-year.
PS. I just found the scheduler on WordPress so that it puts it up on dates that you want it to be sent 😀

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Easy cake

Yes an easy cake or birthday cake.
If you know how you can use a piping-bag than this is a piece of cake!

A good cake doesn’t have to be difficult

As you can see the only thing that was used for this cake was:
– Whipped cream
– Strawberry jam
– Biscuitcake (or normal cake) I used a mix.
– chocolate pieces (take a chocolate bar and grater)
– more whipped cream
– strawberries
– chocolate pieces bought in the supermarket

Mine was 35×25 cm and I used about 0,9 liter whipped cream and a half jar of strawberry jam.
That is quite a lot and it was just enough for 35 people.
I did get my compliments for this cake and some even had high expectations, since they already tasted one of my cakes before (thanks to my brother ^^)
It was fun to make this for my little niece who was more interested in eating the strawberries and chocolates than putting them on the cake where I said they were supposed to go, but you can let go of it since she became 3.

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