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More truffles and things I follow

Yes again truffles.
We had to decide what we wanted to make and I wanted to make hollow chocolate figures.
Sadly my class didn’t care and just grabbed the easiest for themselves.
So they made hollow figures and full chocolate letters. (to easy)
So a friend of mine and I both made truffles with vanilla in it, and made praline filled letters and chocolate bonbons.
Then they started to complain we should hurry up and clean since they were already done. Eventhough we only took a 5 minute break instead of 15 like they did.
But we didn’t get disturbed by them that easily since we got the best truffles.
And a lot of them as well! (even the teacher sneaked out a few)

But besides making stuff at school.
I also follow some blogs.
Mostly food related :P, but just take a look maybe you find them just as interesting.

Maggie’sOneButtKitchen (currently not updating since the kitchen is under construction)

More are under the page: Links
And I still need to put some of these dear bloggers underneath it, since I really think they deserve the attention.
That and they have good recipes.



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Truffle chocolate

Super glad right now!
Know why?
Well I’ve made chocolate treats at school. ^^
Chocolate truffles and chocolate bonbons.

It is fun to make, but it takes a lot more time to make the interior than the actual chocolate bonbons.
We don’t have a lot of choices for the shape at school and this just so happened to be left.
This one was filled with instant coffee and hazelnut pâte.
(I did taste test in between with the pure coffee and hazelnut pâte, which stunned my tongue for several minutes, so I had to search for victims who could say if there should be more hazelnut in it or not)
In the end I did get the right amount so that none overruled each other. 😛

It is a creme filling btw

And we also made truffles!!

The hardest part was getting them through the chocolate, without letting the creme get soft, and without a too thick layer of chocolate around them.
The first batch of chocolate was too much tempered so it got quicker solid than we could throw in the creme.
The second batch of chocolate was tempered too little so the chocolate didn’t get solid enough resulting in a lot truffles on the plate with cocoa/powdered sugar that couldn’t be picked up quickly.
I learned a lot though.

We even got to spout chocolate letters!
That was actually quite easy as well. And my class had to make an order of 35 letters with 8 persons to spout chocolate.
It resulted in some extra chocolate letters. Luckily chocolate can stay good for quite a long time, while it is conditioned in the right way of course.

Next week we are going to focus on meringue. (Maybe I’m even allowed to make my chocolate – peppermint ones ^^)

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I think I’ve been sleeping

Oh wow already havent posted for a very long time! TT-TT
So so so sorry! But for your cheering I had a horrible week for further notice read below.

I can make up all kinds of excuses, like I had to decorate the café and break it down as well before and after Halloween, had to help during Halloween, had some friends over etc. etc.

This is still what I got from the contest in the goodie bag and all.
Glad I got the recipe book for ice-cream with the goodie bag, but the macarons where well but not all were tasty.
My first was spinach. 😦
I like spinach a lot, but not cold and sweet as sugar. (didn’t expect me to say that huh?)

BUT this week was absolutely horrible at school.
I was nervous since I had to be a CHEF this week.
This ment I had to take in and clean up the material that comes in, checking it beforehand of course, and give everyone a cleaning task.

That last part was absolutely horrible!!
Everybody tried to go into a discussion with me, they tried to get the easiest cleaning jobs, they deliberately made extra stuff to get out of the cleaning tasks and I completely stressed out.
I am glad I didn’t drive some one of the high way, because of all the cropped up anger I got during class.
The worst thing was, they claimed I didn’t do anything!

I was giving out tasks, helped cleaning, needed to check everything if it was done, helped cleaning, helped packaging.
And after their tasks were done, instead of asking the chef (me) what could be done,  they grouped up like a group of sheeps and started talking to each other deaf of what I had to say.
Is it actually that bad to not know your classmates names? I know them by face for almost 2 years now.

Even my friends from class…. well I sit with them sometimes…anyhow, they sat in a place to avoid extra jobs.
Like….the foremost thing of becoming a baker niveau 3 means that they need to show initiative!

Luckily I don’t need to become a chef anymore, for school that is.
I know that if I am ever going to start-up my business I don’t hire my classmates! (except for one since she can calm me down when stressed and such)

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Examstuff and strawberries

Seriously how many weeks do I have to wait!
It has been more than two weeks and the results from my last exam haven’t even been sent out.

Okay they said I should have more confidence in my skills etc.
And they didn’t say I failed, but they did twist my head by saying it all depends on school now.
So impatiently waiting for the examinators to finally send their papers in.
Wanna see what I made?

Cream rolls (half done with raisin filling)

Ow and the darker ones are mine by the way.
I took a lot of pretzels home and quickly there were none. (took 3 days)
I was seriously annoyed by the examinators.
1 came from another room about 5 times and he even started joking around with the examinators from my room until they laughed so loud everyone turned their head.

Oh well now only have to wait for the results …. impatiently.

Now on to the garden stuff.
A few months back my mom bought me a full-grown strawberry plant and look it had fruit!

So cute and they are really small as well.


Eventhough they are mis shaped and really small they are really cute! :pThe rest of the garden goes well.. I think.
I’ve been busy and it has been rainy weather for the past two weeks now.
Maybe a good idea to check if everything is okay… today.
Still need to make a picture of the garden, after I plucked out all the unknown weeds that are harassing my strawberry plants, carrots and others.

Ps. I had a lot more to say, but I pressed publish right after spellcheck TT-TT

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Coming up

Pff I am still a bit busy since this the summer is coming and all.
I have still shots from my exam stuff in my camera and still have to put that in to the computer. 
Last  week was: Work, school, at internship, internship, school, work and meet friends and then again work. (7 days full)
A full week, but at least I could sleep in today…. about 11 hours.
That is quite a lot, since most of the time I don’t even have time to sleep that much mostly waking up around 5 o’clock in the morning.

But I’m letting you in on a secret project of mine!
For the first time I’m going to celebrate my birthday at the same time as two other friends.
It is going to be quite big, but we agreed that I could make the cakes.
Now the thing is, we all have different characters, likings and tastes. (except for chocolate)

In other words I’m going to make 3 different cakes with different fillings and decorations and thereby also need to make a whipped cream cake for the ones who don’t like the fancy stuff. 😀
Okay 4 cakes then. (for a total of +/- 50 people)

The first problem I have (in my chaotic mind) are the details.
Should I put them on a cake stand or all on a table? ( a cake stand is prettier right?)
Make a cake stand (my father broke down a closet of mine so enough scrap material) or buy it?
Make the base beforehand or at a friend’s place.
Should I keep it top-secret for them (they don’t read this anyway since they only heard about it from me and haven’t gotten the webadress from me :D) or let at least one of them in so she can help?

Luckily I learned enough at school to know how to build up a cake, the hard part is keeping it secret and make it into what they like.

Know only soon I have to tell others my birthday was already in May.
Whoops … yeah I forgot to tell them since I had my exam and internship for a full week.
I did not have the time nor the energy to celebrate at that time. ^-^’ (or tell any one)

My friends are afraid I might get a burn out as soon summer as the summer vacation is coming.
But I don’t mind as long as I have at least 1 day to sleep out.
What do you think?

I heard that IF I’m becoming a third year student (only if heard I got through the last exam) then our class will go to France -> Paris for a midweek or something like that. 😀 Can’t wait for the result!

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Exam and a taste from a shop

Okay I’m quite drained right now.
About 4 hours ago I still was busy with my exam. (had more than 2 hour drive to get back because of a traffic jam)
Luckily they did not say I failed unlike 2 other classmates, but with my end result coming into a grey zone I feel unsure about the result.
My creme rolls were good, the cinnamon pretzel were just caramelized (almost to the burn) and my chocolate garnish I had to make was done in a few minutes. (some exam students were surprised I did it that quick)
The bad side is, I forgot to put some alcohol soaked raisins in one roll, burned a side of some of the biscuit and the pretzels might have been a little bit too brown to their liking.
I don’t like being in the grey zone, I want to know now if I have to redo it or not!
But you can’t have everything.

Now a few weeks ago (yeah I was busy sorry for letting you know so late) I bought some sweets (I think it was around mothersday) and me an my mom enjoyed it a lot.
But I did not forget to take pictures for you.

It tastes good! A bit heavy for dessert, but ideal for people who like sweet things and can eat this on a half empty stomach. 😀 (luckily I can)

So here you see the inside.
It is made from a cookie, chocolate biscuit, caramel, seems like swiss cream and chocolate mousse topped of with a chocolate glaze and decorated with macarons.

Belgium seriously is a heck lot different from Netherland with their products.
Of course there are some similarities, but I’m seeing a lot of things I don’t know which makes me really curious.
Maybe I should go check more often at other pastry shops.

Resubmit: I totally forgot to link the shop where this comes from! 
Be sure to check it out 😛

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So I promised to post the recipe of my last posts creation.

Well here it is. ^-^ (altered a bit here and there for what we found out during practice)
This recipe calls for 2 batters.

1. Brandmassa (the lines)

  • 50 gram – milk
  • 15 gram – butter
  • 10 gram – powdered sugar
  • 35 gram – flour for pastry
  • about 75 gram egg which could go to 100 depending on how fluid it is.

Heat butter and milk until it boils.
Then add the flour and sugar and mix well , reheat until sweating (reminds of the choux pastry :p)
Put in a mixer and set it in the slowest and when cooled down a bit  add the egg until it is fluid enough too make lines with a piping bag with a tiny point.  (probably about the size nr 3)
Bake at 200 degrees celsius for a few minutes until it shows some brown edges. (once the start to colour it goes very quick so keep an eye out)

2.Hippemassa (filling in)

  • 50 gram – fine almondpaste (marzipan is an option but leave out the powdered sugar)
  • 50 gram – eggwhite
  • 20 gram – flour for pastry
  • 40 gram – powder sugar
  • Milk (use until fluid enough)

Put almondpaste in the mixer and while it gets loose in the lowest, add the eggwhite.
After letting this turn for a while (to let it mix well and it should already look white), add powder sugar and flour (AFTER having it sift) and let it turn until mixed well again.
Then use the milk to make it fluid enough too let it almost flow out of the piping bag. (a little bit more fluid than the first batter)
Use this batter to fill in the shapes you made and bake them at 180 degrees celsius until it turns a little bit brown. (at least enough to evaporate the moist that is in the cookie BUT it does stay a bit chewy)

IMPORTANT: Bake and pipe it on a bakingsheet and it must not be too small! around 5 – 8 cm in diameter is good.

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