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Recipe cards included

Spritz biscuit

I’ve been making these during school, but at home you have to do with what you got.
And it tastes a bit different as well since I use butter at home but some sort of crème margarine at school. ^^’

But none the less it tastes yummy!
Here is the recipe for this week:

Enjoy baking! And especially make sure the air stays in the dough!
I was a bit slow and suddenly I couldn’t squeeze out the rest of the dough.
If that happens to you, you can spoon the rest out and make blobs of dough on your baking plate ^^
Looks a bit different but the taste is te same. (only the structure is a lot less crumbly like a spritz biscuit should be)

My exam is coming up since the papers went out this week!
I already know what I am going to make. Spritz! and something else but I keep that to myself until after the exam (to hear if i failed or not)
Finally the teacher realized he forgot to send us instructions on what my subclass needed to learn so it is study time for me after the short break. ^^


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FAIL for the muffin

I never ever have made a muffin!
Of course I made cupcakes, a lot of cupcakes actually, but never muffins.
So today I wanted to make them, but it kinda went wrong.
It tasted more like pancakes and they’re better eaten hot than cold.

They don’t even look like muffins TT-TT
I have absolutely no clue where or what went wrong, but I do know that these aren’t muffins.
If you want to try out you can use the recipe I made for the recipe-a-week:

I should have searched through my many cookbooks for a decent basic recipe, but then I could not have called it mine. :p
I hope someone can tell me what I did wrong. (maybe more sugar needed?)

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Homemade puff pastry

Friday I already made the dough, but I couldn’t do anything until today because I had to babysit.

Today I had to bake ofcourse before knowing if it works. :p

It really worked. Yay!!

A little tip: rolled dough can stay good for 5 days in the refrigerator ^^

If you make strips out of it, put egg over it and dip them in sugar you can make sugar cookies.
But I had made dinner out of it for myself so it was filled with tomatoes, cheese, champignon and leek.

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Recipeweek 3 – Rum Charlotte

Hello again, (edited this post, look down what it is ^^)

Wednesday I tried to make a good Charlotte Russe like my mother used to make them.
The only problem was I had no recipe and she only remembered a few things, but I did create something delicious. ^^

The recipe was also not really measured and I used instant powder as well which I don’t know if it is the same everywhere.
So I’ll try explaining it the best I can for you. ^^

Ingredients: (for 24 diameter round)

  • Rum
  • Lady fingers (or boudoir cookies in other words)
  • 400 ml cream (that is used for whipped cream)
  • instant mousse powder ( powder that can make milk, yoghurt etc. in mousse)
  • Biscuitmix (just follow the description on the box)
  • tangerine (I used the canned species :))

How it was made:

  1. Bake the cake, cool it down and cut a thin bottom. (the rest is just for yourself or make cake balls out of it)
  2. Sprinkle a little bit of rum over the bottom and sprinkle a mixture of 50/50 water and rum over the lady fingers.
  3. Put them on top of the cake into a circle. (you need to have patience or smart since some fall down and take the others with them)
  4. Put cream, instant mousse powder (according to its description), rum (about 2 tbsp) and a bit of sugar into a bowl. Mix until it is doubled in volume.
  5. Put the mixture into the shape and finish of with your desired fruit which is tangerine in this case.
  6. Let it stiffen for several hours (3 or more) and after that you can safely cut out a piece without too many mess.

Enjoy baking!

{edit: In the end I made the recipecard}

Got some help from a fellow deviant ^^

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Week 2 recipe: Chocolatechip meringue

A friend of mine came this sunday and she wanted to bake something with me.
I said some options and this is what we came up with.

I let her choose the and colour of the meringue.
But I did not chop the chocolate pieces well enough so I had to get it all out of the piping bag with a spoon.
My arm was full of sugary stickiness.
This is how they looked on the bakingplate.

Of course she wanted to make this at home.
So this came in handy for my recipe a week thing.

Enjoy making and eating it, but don’t put in too much food colouring. ^^
Unless you want to have a coloured tongue.


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Cupcake bavarois

Yes I put up a recipe ^^
Wednesday I made these and I promised some people to make a weekly recipe card.
So here is the first of several to come.

I think it will be tough to make something different every week and make a recipe card for it.
But I enjoy baking and eating!
And I don’t want anyone to miss out on things either, that they could do.
This was a version of a recipe somewhere with some little adjustments 😛 of mine.

This was orange/apricot bavarois on top of a cupcake.
It tasted good and my mom told me she likes homemade bavarois the most.
So I probably end up making more next week ^^
For a first time making it, it was a success.

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