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The haunted house project (korean movie)

Finally saw a movie again that I haven’t watched.
And for some sadly a horror movie, but there is a lot from those good horror movies coming from Asia though.

So this time I watched The haunted house project
In short: A group of 3 ghostseekers 1 studentdirector, 1 audio and 1 camera guy go in search of a good haunted house.
They choose a broken down factory where all kinds of rumors came from.
A secretary got missing and a family got killed, but they go in and stay for the night even though they got warned by the villagers. What will they find?

This movie has a storyline that it is made from the footage found at the site where the people disappeared.
Sadly the movie has bits and pieces that prove the opposite.
You do feel tension, because of the darkness and the fact you aren’t able to see much, which makes you wonder what hides in the dark.
It is a little bit predictable and if you are easily scared not a movie for you.
Even though the movie isn’t the top of the top nor logical, for a fright night with friends this would be do-able as starter.


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War of the wizards (korean movie)

The korean movie I was talking about in my last post.

This is also called: Jeon Woo Chi (in Korea)
Glad I finally know a place to get my asian movies.
I now say I definitely needed to watch it for a second time.
Since in this action,fantasy and comedy movie not much gets  explained, you really need to pay attention to the details in the movie.

In short:
A young wizard (still student) who is quite rebellious and searching for fame, gets falsely accused for killing his master/teacher.
For this he is punished, just as his side-kick human changed dog, to be trapped in a painting for 500 years.
But then goblins (looking like animals) escape their bottle prison and they’re being chased by the master wizards. (I keep it simple, since I don’t want to search for the word they used for those people :P)
But they can’t defeat them and the one they always used to rely on is also gone.
They turn to the young wizard who is still trapped in the painting and get him out of his prison.
The young wizard gets a crash course for the present and wizardry, since as soon he came out of the painting the goblins came searching for him. (he can’t do magic without his paper chants that his dog still has who is locked in an other painting)
Seeing a girl who looks like one from the past (and is probably a reincarnation: watch the mirror) he tries to get her attention, but also searches for the one who killed his master.

I think I notified enough with this short intro.
At least enough to watch it without getting confused.

At some points it is hilarious with the snobby actrice and the wizard just not knowing what kind of world he landed in.
The beer being stolen by him and other stuff.
It is slightly romance, because of the girl (who works for the actrice) who reminds him of someone from the past.
Also notice the master (in the very beginning) gives hints to him that come handy in his future.

I enjoyed watching this and don’t even regret buying this one.
Probably going to watch it again some time. Especially for the last fighting scene’s.
Or the hilarious scene where the so-called dog gets kissed and their both awed.
Just watch to know what I mean.

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Hi Dharma (korean movie)

A movie I watched a half year ago or so. ( Hi Dharma)
A comedy about gangsters who flee into a monastery after a gangfight.
In short:
Five gangsters have a battle with another gang.
They find out some one from their gang has been giving out information.
They flee into the mountains and end up at a monastery.
With some luck they get from the groundkeeper or master (I can’t remember XD) permission, but the young monks don’t agree and they end up doing a contest with the gangsters to see if they can stay or not.
The monks think they are only troublemakers and the gangsters think they are too quiet.

Can’t tell too much ofcourse or else I’m telling the whole story.

It was definitely a comedy and the fight between the young monks and the gangsters was the most amusing part.
I feel sad for the statue. Mostly mistakes and attitude that brings a stir into the monastery.
It is not going too far with the violence and the movie has a good focus about the stay and not the rest.
A good storyline if I say so and the little hints that come may let you figure out the leak (sort of, since it is mostly phonecalls outside the mountain)

I would reccomend this for sure, but only as a one time movie. 
That is the sad thing of an goodflowing storyline sometimes, because they are easy to remember.

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Psychic (korean movie)

I just made a list of asian-movies I watched and compared to last time it sort of doubled.
I’m around 55 movies or so which is about one movie every 2 weeks.
Soooo many I haven’t talked about! XD

Some time ago I watched the movie Psychic.
The ending was quite confusing and unclear to me since nothing was explained properly.
It is a watch and know movie… a.k.a. what you see is what you get (to know.)
But they do have an amazing movieposter.

In short (of what I remember)
A guy with a traumatic childhood has some kind of psychic powers since he was a child (hence the trauma.)
Being able to control people he easily steals without leaving a trace until one day a person seems to get out of his range.
The other persons slowly starts to understand that the guy has some psychic powers and that he himself has it too, but realises this after some people die because he wasn’t under his control and tries to do things right.
After chasing, finding proof it was the guy doing all the stealing and mental fighting it becomes more serious.
They start to fight with one of their lives on the line.

What confused me was the psychic thing the good guy is supposed to have.
Or was it general survival? Oh well not going to break my head over this.
The movie was good to watch, had a good storyline (except for the end) and background information, but the end annoys me even now.
Do you like the ending?

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Dead friend

This is another korean movie I recently watched.
A horror again. ^_^’

This one does contain some jumpy moments, but that is mainly in the beginning I think.

In short:
A girl who suffers from amnesia starts having nightmares.
Not knowing what happens she gets contacted by an old friend who informs her about her old friends.
Apparently one died and they start to get frightened.
Soon after another of the old friend group dies and another ends up in the asylum.
The girl starts to get her memory back and finds out her boyfriend knew her before.

Even though the whole boyfriend felt odd in the story (watch and you’ll understand :P) I still found it reasonably good to watch.
The main story is also quite good, but there were also some moments that don’t connect with the story.
As if to show how her life is right now. (this did break the tension for some parts and they became less scary)
In other words th storyline doesn’t go really smooth and goes a bit off track. (I think unintentionally)
It would have been a good movie if they kept it like how it went in the beginning and just left the part with her new life a bit aside.

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Il Mare

Il Mare

Image via Wikipedia

Once I saw this american movie about a mailbox that sends letters back and forth in a time gap of 2 years.
This movie was called “The lake house” and I loved the story, but apparently it’s the american version of the movie “Il Mare.”
How many American movies are actually a reproduction of Asian movies?
Hmmm, oh well I like the original better. ^_^

In short:
A woman who leaves her house, leaves behing a letter in the mailbox for the next owner to kindly send letters meant for her towards her new house adres.
She does get a reply from someone….in 1998.
After several letters they find out it is the mailbox that sends the letters back and forth 2 years in time.
They start to help each other overcome the difficult times, but when they set a date to meet in the present he doesn’t show up.
She feels let down and he doesn’t understand why he didn’t show up.

Eventhough I liked the American movie, I just got confused by the way they showed the story.
Through that version I was constantly thinking in which time it was playing.
The original is less confusing  and much clearer.
Also it doesn’t give away much from the start unlike it’s american version.
All in all a good movie, but some parts bother me, but if I go on about them I might spoil too much for the ones who are gonna watch. 😀


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The loner

Another korean movie.

“The loner” is an unpredictable movie with a smooth storyline.
This is a good movie even though it is a horror movie.

In short:
A girl whose friend killed herself, because of a bully, starts locking herself up in her room. (quite detailed first part, but this is done to make it unpredictable)
Her ‘uncle’ and grandmother, who she’s living with are concerned.
But there seems to be a secret in the family and one even unknown.
As the days go by bad things happen, especially after the maid was found outside the house. (alive but frightened)

This movie lead me to think one thing, but kept the truth from me until the last moment.
If you stay sharp during the movie you might find out the underlying story before the end.
It doesn’t have a confusing storyline at all.
They just want to put you a bit on the wrong tracks.
It is a simple horror movie which means there aren’t jumpy moments. (that or I ain’t that easily surprised) 😛

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