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A chinese fairy tale (Chinese/hong kong movies)

I watched the movie: A Chinese ghost story (or A chinese fairy tale), because the cover looked like a good horror story.
But it is a romance story about forbidden, forgotten and complicated love.
It does contain the characters for a horror movie but without the actual scary parts.
If you like romantic stories (no matter what) this might be the thing for you.

There is a confusing part in the beginning of the movie, but this ,I do have to say, will explain the rest of the story later in the movie.
It was good to watch, but since it was so easy to remember the story, it is a movie you’ll only watch once. (unless you really like the movie)

How the story goes: (without the flashbacks)
An official gets arrested for almost drinking water and is brought to the town that he needed to be.
The town hasn’t had much water for a while and need the official to find some in the mountains that no villager wants to go.
As innocent as he is he goes there for what he was ordered to do.
He arrives at a temple where thereĀ is lots of clean water, but something is living there that doesn’t want him to be there for the water.
He meets some one in the temple who saves his life.
These characters fall in love, but there is some one watching over her.
What would be the reason?



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Mr and Mrs incredible(Chinese/Hong-Kong movie)

First time I see a movie that wasn’t released to long ago. (and again not from the usual countries that I watch ^^)
A comedy that I thought was good enough to watch.

In short: Two retired superheroes want to live their lives like normal people.
But to accomplish things they want, they need to do something about their lives.
Just when they are thinking how to do that, a tournament is planned to be hold in their village.
Only something is a bit off.

I laughed really hard, especially because it had some embarrassing things in it.
Some where a bit unclear, but to me still funny in a way. (not a kids movie)
I was fun to watch, because it mostly wasn’t predictable and even though it had some cheesy jokes in it there were also some good parts.

The things that bothered me is it took long before it became more active in the movie. (the main point only appeared after half the movie was seen)
The rest seems to be done hasty, because otherwise the movie became too long. (so the enemy doesn’t get much time at all in the movie)
Also it seemed that there are two stories running through the movie and the second was only an additive, so it is not something that should get your attention but they deepened it a bit which doesn’t go well for the movie’s storyline.

The rating the movie got was 5 out of 10 for “Mr and Mrs Incredible.”
But I would rather give it a 7 or 6.5, because it still got me laughing. (or I have a different sence of humour)

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