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I changed site

I won’t be posting here anymore, BUT I keep this site open until I know what I should do with the old posts and reviews.

For now my new blog doesn’t have much except HELLO, but I plan on change my attitude and keep that one going.
I will be found at this adress: I think I ate the cake

Yours truly


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Still posting just a long time away

For the ones who expected me to post some things have been a bit let down.

The reason I have been away is because I had to go to the funeral of my grandfather, preparing for a test and had a lot (maybe too much) of thinking to do.
I did take pictures and stuff like that, currently preparing for the contest here in Netherland for student bakers.
But good news! This school year I’m allowed to graduate and next year I could be doing patissery.

Just a little bit busy as well since I have 3 days of practice at school and 2 days work in a bakery.
For the first time I even got homework. Already gone trough milk products, eggs and now we’re at chocolate.
A lot of information in there.

Next week I’ll post about two pies I bought for my mom’s birthday.
Yes I know I could have made some myself, but I had to work as well so it was easier if I bought some after working.

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A nice dinner

So Thursday I cooked for someone. .. 😛
And unexpectedly tasted way better then I had in mind.
But I went home with a bit of a headache because I was really hyperhappy at some point.

He took some pics of it for me so I could post it here.

First was fresh made soup: vegetables, small meatballs and bouillon slowly simmered.
Second we tried to make pasta ourselves but that failed so we took premade, but made the sauce ourselves.
The sauce cointained minced meat, red peper, zucchini, italian herbs and peeled tomatoes from a can. (and a bit salt and pepper)
As last we had the tiramisu with chocolate drops and selfmade marzipan roses.
I kinda thought it would be nice on top of the dessert and it fit perfectly. (after pushing the stem into it 😛 )
He couldn’t get it out anymore even though he wanted to eat it last… he seriously ate around the marzipan!

It was fun to do and for him his first time cooking for his parents.
They were really glad we made a bit too much soup.
The bouillon we did not made, but the vegetables and meat made a lot of difference.
Maybe the carrot, zucchini, red peper and leek made the most difference.

I do know one thing besides the fact they are full untill the next day is, it tasted great!
And that is what I like to hear the most when I help/cook.


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Result and bokkepoten

Yay this monday I finally heard I passed the exam I made about two or three weeks ago.
So glad that is all behind my back knowing I can start next school year without fear.

This week was also our last week before summer break. 😦
So this whole week every class has been really busy cleaning every machine and corner in the schools bakery.
(I have practice 2 days a week so my class had to do it twice)
But luckily I have a good friend in class (whom I might introduce to this blog one day) who I could trust and have fun during cleaning.
The first day we had to do the refrigerator/freezer and I stood in the freezer to clean the corners and walls and she did the doors. (luckily not closing them)
The second day (today) we had to do the hand-carts that usually have the baking plates in them or stuff for bread.
It was fun, listened to Disney songs, accidentally sprayed water on her making a little water battle and then cleaned the other hand-carts outside in sunny/gloomy weather.
Afterwards helped out others and I got the overstuffed refrigerator which I had to clear out to put in all the shelves. (see: complete fully stacked refrigerator with bags and pails)
I think that was a bit too much for my back since I can’t properly turn my back right now. -_-‘

Last week was the last week to bake.
So sad I miss baking in school already.
Luckily that friend of mine took a picture with her cellphone of what we baked on the first day that week.
The second day got eaten as soon as I got home. (we had a big sale in our schools bakery shop)

What we made were: Bokkepoten. (in dutch)
That are almond paste based cookies stuck together with apricot jam and covered in chocolate.

I love almond paste cookies ^-^
We first made the almond paste then mixed it with egg white and spout it into its shape.
In other words this batter is completely made out of fine almond pieces, sugar and egg white.
Baked and decorated. 😀

Almond cookies should be chewy. (So if it is not then there isn’t a lot of almond in it and probably more egg white.)

I think I want to try making almond paste at home this summer.
But I don’t know if that is possible since you’re not allowed to grind them into oil.
And the stone rollers we have at school are not so easily gathered for home supply.
We’ll see how it will turn out.

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2011 herzien

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1.300 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 22 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Cholestrol bomb

Yes I made a cholestrol bomb.
What that might be? Well, it’s just a simple creme roll.

These darlings are made by me and took home four pieces. (after paying :s)
The creme is flavoured with cognac.
There is one piece missing, because I let my mom taste it as soon as I came home.
She loved it.

The batter is not an instant mix, because those tend to be more stiff and harder to roll up.
So the usual batter I used (I seem to stay away from instants as much as possible) 
I was carefully putting the batter into the oven since I burned my arms (yes 2 at once) at the same oven last friday. (luckily only 1st degree)

The highest oven seems to work the best at the bread side, but is hard to reach since it is at eye level for me.

But I did get a compliment from the teacher for these creme rolls, because there weren’t air pockets in it. (which are difficult to get rid off)

I also helped a friend of mine baking here pieces since the ovens weren’t warm enough.
She was busy with also something that contains cremé.
It is for an upcoming contest for student bakers. (I also attend but no clue what to do)
I gave my thought once about the idea and to see it coming alive was amazing.
But she was still experimenting with the flavours.
Curious what she will send in.

Still need to think something up. 6 creme products and 12 crumbledough cookies.
All need to be delivered and identical to each other.
Luckily it is in February.

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Still alive over here.

A little bit busy at the moment.
For school we need to write a paper, tuesday I have to re-do an exam and we’re already preparing for the practical exam which is in January. Thereby comes that I now need to make my own schedule, and on tuesday I also have my chocolate workshop in my street.
When I’m not at school or busy with my internship I’m helping out in my parent’s café.

So in two days I’m already doing more than I’m supposed too, because the next day I’ll need to wake up early.
For some reason me and my classmate both passed english, but didn’t succeed in Dutch and math, which is strange and funny. 
Tuesday I’ll be taking my camera with me to the chocolate workshop. IF I don’t forget.

Well I hope to update with very good news by then.

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