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I want your opinion about deco on cakes

You see them sometimes in the windows of certain stores.
Those plastic decoration on top of all kinds of cakes and wherever to make it more pretty.
I even see actual roses put into cakes. :S

Now I am someone who eats until something is wrong.
So if they don’t inform me that it is plastic, I definitely leave my teeth marks on the so-called “flower” or what ever is put on.

Even during one class I saw flowers for decoration and wanted to try out the flavour, only to identify it as plain plastic. T-T

I know that making flowers or other kinds of decorations are expensive for the customers to make yourself and time-consuming, buying is a little less expensive, but if no one wants them you lose your money.
Of course I take out the weddingtoppers on this subject, because those are memorabilia.

Now my question was: What do you think about fake decoration on sweets?

Is it acceptable?
Do you have problems with it?
Do you like it a lot as a cheaper solution?

I like to hear your opinion about it.
Thank you in advance ^^



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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 790 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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More truffles and things I follow

Yes again truffles.
We had to decide what we wanted to make and I wanted to make hollow chocolate figures.
Sadly my class didn’t care and just grabbed the easiest for themselves.
So they made hollow figures and full chocolate letters. (to easy)
So a friend of mine and I both made truffles with vanilla in it, and made praline filled letters and chocolate bonbons.
Then they started to complain we should hurry up and clean since they were already done. Eventhough we only took a 5 minute break instead of 15 like they did.
But we didn’t get disturbed by them that easily since we got the best truffles.
And a lot of them as well! (even the teacher sneaked out a few)

But besides making stuff at school.
I also follow some blogs.
Mostly food related :P, but just take a look maybe you find them just as interesting.

Maggie’sOneButtKitchen¬†(currently not updating since the kitchen is under construction)

More are under the page: Links
And I still need to put some of these dear bloggers underneath it, since I really think they deserve the attention.
That and they have good recipes.


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Goudengard: Part 2 the actual contest

So the contest I participated in was a small part of the actual contest.
Designing a cake was just for letting the young bakers see what they can achieve and what they could do in the future.
To inspire them and not let them be afraid to participate the bigger contest.

The contest that it was all about, was the Goudengard itself.
The contestants needed to make an edible showpiece (only edible things allowed), 2 sorts of bonbons, 3 sorts of teacookies (those you eat after you had your meal and end it with a coffee/tea) and 3 marzipan figures. Ow and they had to make a dessert cake as well!
Some could be made beforehand like the showpiece itself and the marzipan figures.
And it was amazing how many different themes there were and what was set up.

One of the pieces neatly organized

The 1st prize winner

Sometimes they speak for themselves

It was absolutely amazing to see all 8 contestants pieces. They worked 7 hours with just a few breaks to set it up and make what they had to make.
I think I want to do this next year since I’m getting a hang of going to contests, but I will be 23 next year which means I’m not allowed for the talents contest, but I will be allowed for the Goudengard. (means Golden Whisk in dutch btw.)

I’m already getting ideas for the showpiece and flavours. But my mind kind of got stuck with the songs of Queen and now the draft is a bit based on it. (a tree stump where white orchids grow and branches with all kinds of colourful flowers since they inspire people and had a great influence):P
Don’t know if that will be my final draft, but I still have a full year to go and think about it. I only hope I don’t make it last-minute work.

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Goudengard: Talents contest

Yesterday became a full, educational, fun and inspiring day.
I went to the contest with a lot of classmates, so that made it even more fun.

The result……I came 20th out of 32 people! (and proud of it)

It wasn’t an easy contest at all, the contestants all delivered a high quality dessert cake.

My cake for the contest

The mirror on the cake slipped a little, because of the defrosting.
I had a wonderfull idea the night before the contest, but that was too late too make it and put it into the design. (did make a note for next time)

The next time I will talk about another thing from the contest, because I have too much to talk about and too little time to post it since I have the rest of the week my internship in the bakery. (Wake up at 4:20 means I need to sleep in a few minutes :P)

Some of the other cakes were:




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A lost cake and my garden

Last week I didn’t post anything, because my grandfather got through a rough time.
He was almost pronounced dead and some days later the doctors didn’t think he would survive it that day resulting in a very chaotic weekend. Continue reading

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Something funny and soap

The whole week I’ve been chatting on FB with a friend. (unusually much)
Talking every day with him. (extremely rare, but it is the reason I haven’t baked)
Monday I cooked again at his place.
The same soup like last time, but also made meatballs this time.
Spiced with: parsley, salt, pepper, oregano and basil.
It tasted great for a first time with this many herbs!
Sadly I didn’t make pictures. (but again got compliments for the cooking)

I do have pictures of the soap we made!

Melt and pour soap with different smells

Ordered a starterspackage and we had fun making them.
Only the mold for the soap was smaller than expected. :S

Oh and because I wanted to show you something funny as well I drew this….

Okay it was a quick draw ^^’
But it really happend

Freezers are a bakers best friend to cool down during summer.
Especially when they don’t have air conditioning.

Oh and those flap things are there because they keep the cold in the freezer instead of going out of the freezer directly.

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