I think I’ve been sleeping

Oh wow already havent posted for a very long time! TT-TT
So so so sorry! But for your cheering I had a horrible week for further notice read below.

I can make up all kinds of excuses, like I had to decorate the café and break it down as well before and after Halloween, had to help during Halloween, had some friends over etc. etc.

This is still what I got from the contest in the goodie bag and all.
Glad I got the recipe book for ice-cream with the goodie bag, but the macarons where well but not all were tasty.
My first was spinach. 😦
I like spinach a lot, but not cold and sweet as sugar. (didn’t expect me to say that huh?)

BUT this week was absolutely horrible at school.
I was nervous since I had to be a CHEF this week.
This ment I had to take in and clean up the material that comes in, checking it beforehand of course, and give everyone a cleaning task.

That last part was absolutely horrible!!
Everybody tried to go into a discussion with me, they tried to get the easiest cleaning jobs, they deliberately made extra stuff to get out of the cleaning tasks and I completely stressed out.
I am glad I didn’t drive some one of the high way, because of all the cropped up anger I got during class.
The worst thing was, they claimed I didn’t do anything!

I was giving out tasks, helped cleaning, needed to check everything if it was done, helped cleaning, helped packaging.
And after their tasks were done, instead of asking the chef (me) what could be done,  they grouped up like a group of sheeps and started talking to each other deaf of what I had to say.
Is it actually that bad to not know your classmates names? I know them by face for almost 2 years now.

Even my friends from class…. well I sit with them sometimes…anyhow, they sat in a place to avoid extra jobs.
Like….the foremost thing of becoming a baker niveau 3 means that they need to show initiative!

Luckily I don’t need to become a chef anymore, for school that is.
I know that if I am ever going to start-up my business I don’t hire my classmates! (except for one since she can calm me down when stressed and such)


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