The haunted house project (korean movie)

Finally saw a movie again that I haven’t watched.
And for some sadly a horror movie, but there is a lot from those good horror movies coming from Asia though.

So this time I watched The haunted house project
In short: A group of 3 ghostseekers 1 studentdirector, 1 audio and 1 camera guy go in search of a good haunted house.
They choose a broken down factory where all kinds of rumors came from.
A secretary got missing and a family got killed, but they go in and stay for the night even though they got warned by the villagers. What will they find?

This movie has a storyline that it is made from the footage found at the site where the people disappeared.
Sadly the movie has bits and pieces that prove the opposite.
You do feel tension, because of the darkness and the fact you aren’t able to see much, which makes you wonder what hides in the dark.
It is a little bit predictable and if you are easily scared not a movie for you.
Even though the movie isn’t the top of the top nor logical, for a fright night with friends this would be do-able as starter.


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