Still posting just a long time away

For the ones who expected me to post some things have been a bit let down.

The reason I have been away is because I had to go to the funeral of my grandfather, preparing for a test and had a lot (maybe too much) of thinking to do.
I did take pictures and stuff like that, currently preparing for the contest here in Netherland for student bakers.
But good news! This school year I’m allowed to graduate and next year I could be doing patissery.

Just a little bit busy as well since I have 3 days of practice at school and 2 days work in a bakery.
For the first time I even got homework. Already gone trough milk products, eggs and now we’re at chocolate.
A lot of information in there.

Next week I’ll post about two pies I bought for my mom’s birthday.
Yes I know I could have made some myself, but I had to work as well so it was easier if I bought some after working.


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