A lost cake and my garden

Last week I didn’t post anything, because my grandfather got through a rough time.
He was almost pronounced dead and some days later the doctors didn’t think he would survive it that day resulting in a very chaotic weekend.
I went  to visit him last week.
I really didn’t feel like baking anything, because I also had to do some chores for my mom so she could go visit him in the hospital several times.

This week I finally baked something.
Mainly because a customer from the café send jokingly a message that he wanted a cake from me.
So he got one!
I got some leftover cake from the freezer, cut it in two layers, smeared strawberry jam in between and covered it with italian meringue.
Even though I’m disappointed, not to have taken pictures, I was surprised he ate the cake!
Normally he refuses to eat what I make or was in conflict with himself, but he actually ate the cake and found it really good. (no pictures 😦 )
But I got a lot of leftover meringue so I baked them.

But of course I baked too much to eat myself so I shared it with the customers.

Oh and finally I have taken a picture of my garden.
It still is quite messy and some things seem to grow much bigger than expected.

Still a lot needs to be done, but that is next years work.
I did however cleaned away some rotten tomatoes because of the drought.

Hopefully the carrots stay good.

The tops start to come out of the ground and these dry up, but underneath it still grows.

The strawberries are also growing, much faster than expected.
My father said I shouldn’t have fruits this year, but it seems he is wrong, all the plants I set out have fruits.
Might not grow as I like, but still proud they grow.


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