Something funny and soap

The whole week I’ve been chatting on FB with a friend. (unusually much)
Talking every day with him. (extremely rare, but it is the reason I haven’t baked)
Monday I cooked again at his place.
The same soup like last time, but also made meatballs this time.
Spiced with: parsley, salt, pepper, oregano and basil.
It tasted great for a first time with this many herbs!
Sadly I didn’t make pictures. (but again got compliments for the cooking)

I do have pictures of the soap we made!

Melt and pour soap with different smells

Ordered a starterspackage and we had fun making them.
Only the mold for the soap was smaller than expected. :S

Oh and because I wanted to show you something funny as well I drew this….

Okay it was a quick draw ^^’
But it really happend

Freezers are a bakers best friend to cool down during summer.
Especially when they don’t have air conditioning.

Oh and those flap things are there because they keep the cold in the freezer instead of going out of the freezer directly.


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