My nephews 2nd birthday cake

Okay this year’s birthday cake is supposed to be better than the last.
Again it was studio100 themed ‘Bumba’ cake.

The first I made

And I was only a half-year wise about pastry. (in other words I only had a half-year school when I made this)
One year later…

The second cake

Now exactly a year later with a little bit more experience I made this cake.
It still isn’t the best of the best.
But I like the fact I got the decoration smooth.

This year I took precautions, since I only have a mini oven, means I couldn’t bake a square cake like this, so I kindly asked one baker I know and he made it fresh on the day I came to pick up the biscuit and make my cake. ^_^

nice clean biscuit 😀

It was filled with strawberry jam and strawberry bavarois.
I took it the easy way with bavarois actually.
Since I understood it needed gelatine anyway, and in egg yolk there is lecithin that also acts as a thickener, I only used sugared cream, strawberry jam, egg white powder mixed with water and gelatine.
The egg yolk would give it a bit custard taste to it so I left that out on purpose and since gelatine stiffens the whole thing just as well I decided to use that.
Sadly I did this roughly with half following the measurement of a recipe book, so I don’t know how much I used of everything. ^_^’
Well I do know I used +/- one liter sugared cream (for whipped cream) in total and 10 gram egg white powder with 100 gram water (I did add sugar but did that on feeling) and 9 leafs of gelatine.
The strawberry jam and the sugar that was added was completely based on nothing. 😛

It still tasted good and even my sister-in-law was surprised how well it all looked.
I got some compliments, but my sister-in-law took a precaution as always and bought a 2 layer cake decorated with fondant. (It gave a little dent into my pride)
Next year I will try to be make an awesome cake for my nephew that would be better than the bought one.
At least I’ll try. 😛


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  1. You make very gorgeous bakes, lovely! =)

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