A nice dinner

So Thursday I cooked for someone. .. šŸ˜›
And unexpectedly tasted way better then I had in mind.
But I went home with a bit of a headache because I was really hyperhappy at some point.

He took some pics of it for me so I could post it here.

First was fresh made soup: vegetables, small meatballs and bouillon slowly simmered.
Second we tried to make pasta ourselves but that failed so we took premade, but made the sauce ourselves.
The sauce cointained minced meat, red peper, zucchini, italian herbs and peeled tomatoes from a can. (and a bit salt and pepper)
As last we had the tiramisu with chocolate drops and selfmade marzipan roses.
I kinda thought it would be nice on top of the dessert and it fit perfectly. (after pushing the stem into it šŸ˜› )
He couldn’t get it out anymore even though he wanted to eat it last… he seriously ate around the marzipan!

It was fun to do and for him his first time cooking for his parents.
They were really glad we made a bit too much soup.
The bouillon we did not made, but the vegetables and meat made a lot of difference.
Maybe the carrot, zucchini, red peper and leek made the most difference.

I do know one thing besides the fact they are full untill the next day is, it tasted great!
And that is what I like to hear the most when I help/cook.



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