Not much but biscuit cupcakes

Yes I know, no fancy stuff today.
I wish it was different.

But look what a cute baking shapes!

Got them during the birthday party and tested them out.
Then the people from the café downstairs got a treat, my dad took some to work and I didn’t have much left for a meet up with someone.
He didn’t mind having only one cupcake covered in chocolate.
Still I felt I should have taken some more, but I felt a bit awkward since this was my first time going out with a guy. (not planned by other friends or planned to do with friends who can’t go the last minute)

These cupcakes are made of simple flour, sugar eggs and afterwards covered in chocolate that easily melts.
In other words if it is hotter than 25 degrees celsius the dark chocolate takes a soft butter form and smudges the face of who eats it.
My father looked funny with the smudge on his face.

The cupcake shaped biscuit was hard to remove sadly enough, but on the other hand the heart shaped slipped out as soon as I turned over the bakingplate.
So I think I’m going to use the heart shapes a little bit more than the cupcake eventhough it is really adorable.


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