The cakes aren’t a lie

So yesterday a really fun day.
Yes I’m back from the party.

 Had a lot to talk with friends I haven’t seen for a while.
And had a good friend to talk with, since most of them were unfamiliar for me and where friends from friends.
BUT the cakes came out pretty…. for my good friends at least.
My cake came last place since theirs was birthday present from me.

Strawberry, chocolate and coffee


Chocolate,chocolate and after eight (peppermint with chocolate)

Yesterday I was really afraid I wouldn’t make it and then my friend found out not a lot of people had seen the invite.
So last-minute called a few who we didn’t want to miss and I didn’t have to bake extra stuff.
That saved a lot of time and stress and I could make the marzipan roses quickly. (10 minute per piece completely by hand)
I even made some extra roses but didn’t make anything for my cake beforehand, so here is the result for that.

Like about 15 mintes or less for the decoration on top, but my cake was the first to be almost completely gone!
Mostly also because people found the cinnamon flavour for a cake interesting. (and not a big fan of chocolate)

The black birthday cake cost the most amount of time since I had to paint without a picture and without ruler.
I ended up a little bit higher than starting point, but you can’t blame me for this was my first time painting a cake.

My friends were happy with it, I was happy with it and the guests as well.
I love getting comments for my homemade cakes!
And I did it all without professional stuff! (improvisation can come out pretty well :D)



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2 responses to “The cakes aren’t a lie

  1. OMG, it looks so heavenly! =D

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