Project halfway?

Since half 10 I’ve been busy trying to figure out how to fill those cakes without it staying runny. It is 2 pm right now.
My first problem was keeping it solid enough without sliding through everything and second was I did not have enough big round rings to go over the cake and keep the bavarois in a round shape.

Well I figured it out today!
Just use enough leafs of gelatine and it will be okay. ^-^’
Second was kind of  a crafty solution, but it works!

I made a barrier with baking paper and made sure it fit snugly around the bottom cake piece.
I was afraid it would let go, but it didn’t.

A good idea for if you only have one baking ring and still have to do 2 more. 😀

Only have to make buttercream, decorations and 1 filling and I will be done.
Luckily tomorrow is another day I can work on.


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