Project and last day at internship

So today I had my last day at internship.
I still worked like it was an ordinary day, except for the shop ladies who each came and went saying hello and goodbye for the last time.
Everybody actually mentioned it was my last day.. well almost.
The boss was continuously gone leaving me with almost nothing to do. I seriously had several times I just stood there talking or walking around thinking what I could do next.
(He went away to talk to his brother about a website, to lift something at his place etc.)
So in the end I did not expect anything from him.

After letting him sign my hour card I got something!

It is an ice-cream cake!
Luckily it stayed frozen in my 20 minute drive through the heat.
I had made about 20 to 25 pieces last week, because of his advertising, and he still was left with about 50.
(yeah I was too curious so I asked how it all went and he just told me that so I directly knew why I got it)

But it tastes good except you keep on chewing at the butterscotch that got moist in the freezer.
The meringue tastes good and the ice-cream is what I had to buy for the store last week. (28 boxes of 2,5 liter vanilla ice cream! Luckily I wasn’t alone to carry them across the street)No it wasn’t the boss but someone who worked one day to see if she liked this career)

Today I also wanted to fill my cakes that I made monday.
It failed with a big F. Now it is just pudding. (chocolate pudding)
Don’t have enough eggs for pate bombe, or base for bavarois.
So I think I’m gonna try out something I had seen during my internship which was egg white based. And I just so happen to have egg white powder. Tomorrow and the day after that is seriously gonna be hellish.
I have to fill 3 cakes, let that stiffen up, cream coat them and eventually also have to decorate them with fondant!
TT-TT help!
Just hope I get it finished on time. One gets a chocolate,peppermint filling the other a strawberry and mine chocolate and yoghurt.



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