Result and bokkepoten

Yay this monday I finally heard I passed the exam I made about two or three weeks ago.
So glad that is all behind my back knowing I can start next school year without fear.

This week was also our last week before summer break. 😦
So this whole week every class has been really busy cleaning every machine and corner in the schools bakery.
(I have practice 2 days a week so my class had to do it twice)
But luckily I have a good friend in class (whom I might introduce to this blog one day) who I could trust and have fun during cleaning.
The first day we had to do the refrigerator/freezer and I stood in the freezer to clean the corners and walls and she did the doors. (luckily not closing them)
The second day (today) we had to do the hand-carts that usually have the baking plates in them or stuff for bread.
It was fun, listened to Disney songs, accidentally sprayed water on her making a little water battle and then cleaned the other hand-carts outside in sunny/gloomy weather.
Afterwards helped out others and I got the overstuffed refrigerator which I had to clear out to put in all the shelves. (see: complete fully stacked refrigerator with bags and pails)
I think that was a bit too much for my back since I can’t properly turn my back right now. -_-‘

Last week was the last week to bake.
So sad I miss baking in school already.
Luckily that friend of mine took a picture with her cellphone of what we baked on the first day that week.
The second day got eaten as soon as I got home. (we had a big sale in our schools bakery shop)

What we made were: Bokkepoten. (in dutch)
That are almond paste based cookies stuck together with apricot jam and covered in chocolate.

I love almond paste cookies ^-^
We first made the almond paste then mixed it with egg white and spout it into its shape.
In other words this batter is completely made out of fine almond pieces, sugar and egg white.
Baked and decorated. 😀

Almond cookies should be chewy. (So if it is not then there isn’t a lot of almond in it and probably more egg white.)

I think I want to try making almond paste at home this summer.
But I don’t know if that is possible since you’re not allowed to grind them into oil.
And the stone rollers we have at school are not so easily gathered for home supply.
We’ll see how it will turn out.


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