Examstuff and strawberries

Seriously how many weeks do I have to wait!
It has been more than two weeks and the results from my last exam haven’t even been sent out.

Okay they said I should have more confidence in my skills etc.
And they didn’t say I failed, but they did twist my head by saying it all depends on school now.
So impatiently waiting for the examinators to finally send their papers in.
Wanna see what I made?

Cream rolls (half done with raisin filling)

Ow and the darker ones are mine by the way.
I took a lot of pretzels home and quickly there were none. (took 3 days)
I was seriously annoyed by the examinators.
1 came from another room about 5 times and he even started joking around with the examinators from my room until they laughed so loud everyone turned their head.

Oh well now only have to wait for the results …. impatiently.

Now on to the garden stuff.
A few months back my mom bought me a full-grown strawberry plant and look it had fruit!

So cute and they are really small as well.


Eventhough they are mis shaped and really small they are really cute! :pThe rest of the garden goes well.. I think.
I’ve been busy and it has been rainy weather for the past two weeks now.
Maybe a good idea to check if everything is okay… today.
Still need to make a picture of the garden, after I plucked out all the unknown weeds that are harassing my strawberry plants, carrots and others.

Ps. I had a lot more to say, but I pressed publish right after spellcheck TT-TT


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