Movie: Ninja assassin

Okay so just a few moments ago I finished watching the : “Ninja Assassin.”

At first before I started watching I was wondering why does a movie that is so heavily promoted disappear so quick out of the theater. (It came on tv it was on
Now I have seen it the feel is about the same as the movie “Stormbreaker.”
It ain’t a flop but people won’t talk about it for long as well.

What ‘Stormbreaker’ and ‘Ninja assassin‘ have in common is the excessive long prologue.
In other words it takes too long with all the background information and explanation of what is happening before they come to the main point.

The actors were quite good, the background settings also made it more realistic, but you won’t get sucked in to the story. Why ponder if everything get’s explained straight away.
I’ve watched the deleted scenes from the dvd and I know why they deleted them, but there were more pieces that could have been left out.

Ninja Assassin

The cover is also not really attractive.
My cover from the dvd is a bit different, but it doesn’t show any essence of the movie the one you see here.
Why did they cut a part of his face from the poster.  -_-‘

How it goes:
A ninja from some sort of secret clan goes against the organisation, that have made him to what he is, with the help of a woman who had seen a little bit more information than supposed to.

Wow … short explanation that captivates the biggest part of the movie.
(Stormbreaker is just as short: A teen who finds out his uncle was a secret agent and has to save the world from a bad guy. okay it is shorter)

All in all a good for one watch a year.

Reason to watch:
Well at first during the promotion I completely ignored it, because of the promotion. (why follow the crowd like a sheep, it will keep itself up well enough with all that)
The reason why I wanted to watch, was because I was curious for how the korean actors/singers (Rain and Lee Joon from Mblaq) would pronounce english and act.
The reason others want to watch: ninja, blood, fights, action, secret stuff and cut of limbs.

The story itself is quite good though and I do not want to completely crack down a movie from Warner Brother.
The whole heart thing kept me watching.
Curious? I’m not gonna tell. 😀


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