Exam and a taste from a shop

Okay I’m quite drained right now.
About 4 hours ago I still was busy with my exam. (had more than 2 hour drive to get back because of a traffic jam)
Luckily they did not say I failed unlike 2 other classmates, but with my end result coming into a grey zone I feel unsure about the result.
My creme rolls were good, the cinnamon pretzel were just caramelized (almost to the burn) and my chocolate garnish I had to make was done in a few minutes. (some exam students were surprised I did it that quick)
The bad side is, I forgot to put some alcohol soaked raisins in one roll, burned a side of some of the biscuit and the pretzels might have been a little bit too brown to their liking.
I don’t like being in the grey zone, I want to know now if I have to redo it or not!
But you can’t have everything.

Now a few weeks ago (yeah I was busy sorry for letting you know so late) I bought some sweets (I think it was around mothersday) and me an my mom enjoyed it a lot.
But I did not forget to take pictures for you.

It tastes good! A bit heavy for dessert, but ideal for people who like sweet things and can eat this on a half empty stomach. 😀 (luckily I can)

So here you see the inside.
It is made from a cookie, chocolate biscuit, caramel, seems like swiss cream and chocolate mousse topped of with a chocolate glaze and decorated with macarons.

Belgium seriously is a heck lot different from Netherland with their products.
Of course there are some similarities, but I’m seeing a lot of things I don’t know which makes me really curious.
Maybe I should go check more often at other pastry shops.

Resubmit: I totally forgot to link the shop where this comes from!
Be sure to check it out 😛


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