Chocolates, dvd’s and busy

Ahhh finally some rest.
I’ve worked every day (at least 6 hours) for 8 days straight. (all in a bakery)
Today I’ve finally got some rest and directly got bored…-_-‘

So I started thinking. “What should I make?”
First I thought muffins, but the recipes I have are all with something extra and you can’t get out an original recipe.
Second where meringues, but the weather is too hot to eat that much sugar.
Then again I came back to the old-fashioned cookies.

Maybe not that old-fashioned ^-^’

Ok might be a bit lazy with this weather, but it is really hot and even the chocolate did not become solid.
Could also be because I didn’t melt it the right way.

Don’t know how many I made.

looks good 😛

Two full plates at least, but I don’t have that big of an oven.
But I enjoyed baking.

For some this is their childhood memory, but my parents never really had time for this.

I also bought some asian dvd’s to watch.

Well I already had seen the bottom 2 before, but I found them good enough to buy. (the first was heavily promoted on deviantart a few years back and now you don’t see a thing about it during search :s)
Especially the middle one is good…. and I aimed for the “Making the movie” part.
Now I only need to find time to watch and re watch them. TT-TT

I’m a bit too  busy for my own good.
Next week is just as bad, because I also will have my exam friday.
For some reason I do feel confident, but always feel unsure of the result. (It can always go better, right?)
Well I should pass this time in one go or else I have to wait for next school year.  :\
Let’s hope for the best. 🙂

For the ones who have seen my kitchen garden stuff…. it has gotten a bit bigger.
Got raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, tomato, bell pepper plants and carrots now.
A pear tree and herbs as well, just got to get rid of the pesky ants.


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