So I promised to post the recipe of my last posts creation.

Well here it is. ^-^ (altered a bit here and there for what we found out during practice)
This recipe calls for 2 batters.

1. Brandmassa (the lines)

  • 50 gram – milk
  • 15 gram – butter
  • 10 gram – powdered sugar
  • 35 gram – flour for pastry
  • about 75 gram egg which could go to 100 depending on how fluid it is.

Heat butter and milk until it boils.
Then add the flour and sugar and mix well , reheat until sweating (reminds of the choux pastry :p)
Put in a mixer and set it in the slowest and when cooled down a bit  add the egg until it is fluid enough too make lines with a piping bag with a tiny point.  (probably about the size nr 3)
Bake at 200 degrees celsius for a few minutes until it shows some brown edges. (once the start to colour it goes very quick so keep an eye out)

2.Hippemassa (filling in)

  • 50 gram – fine almondpaste (marzipan is an option but leave out the powdered sugar)
  • 50 gram – eggwhite
  • 20 gram – flour for pastry
  • 40 gram – powder sugar
  • Milk (use until fluid enough)

Put almondpaste in the mixer and while it gets loose in the lowest, add the eggwhite.
After letting this turn for a while (to let it mix well and it should already look white), add powder sugar and flour (AFTER having it sift) and let it turn until mixed well again.
Then use the milk to make it fluid enough too let it almost flow out of the piping bag. (a little bit more fluid than the first batter)
Use this batter to fill in the shapes you made and bake them at 180 degrees celsius until it turns a little bit brown. (at least enough to evaporate the moist that is in the cookie BUT it does stay a bit chewy)

IMPORTANT: Bake and pipe it on a bakingsheet and it must not be too small! around 5 – 8 cm in diameter is good.


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