Cookies for the dessert

Today I learned how to make some sort of cookies based on a sweet choux batter and Wellington almondpaste batter.
Aparently these type of cookies (I’m going to show you in the picture below) is used in restaurants to decorate their desserts.
Making it takes a lot of patience, time and a steady hand. (took 3 hours  to make 3 full baking plates)
they look great!
It tastes good as well!

I made the butterflies and the mushroom and another classmate made the other shapes.
I kinda stuck to butterflies since that was quicker for me. 

The teacher on the other hand thought half would get burnt.
None got burnt and I was the one watching the ovens the whole time. 😛  (2/3 I was the one checking)
The last time the others knew as well how it should look when coming out of the oven.

First we had to make the lines and bake them, then we had to flow in the other batter and bake them again.
Eventhough it took a lot of time I had fun doing so.

Me and my classmates shaped them by drawing a circle on the back of the silicone baking sheet and just draw out whatever we liked.
Eventhough it is a good tasting cookie for decorating an ice-cream or any other dessert, the cookie is also very fragile.
Got multiple butterflies who have lost their antenna and some lost both and the little thing underneath.

Thinking if I should post a recipe about this or not.
What do you think?



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3 responses to “Cookies for the dessert

  1. alotonyourplate

    These are soooo cool! i def have to try to make them.

    • DB

      Then I’ll will post somewhere this week a recip for this. (not that much time to make a quick post about the details and such)

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