Super pig

1. cerdita (spanish)
2. big
3. pig
They all say the same it is……

When I was young … well it was a program that was most popular in the nineties.
About a girl turning into a pig with super powers and she could take off the nose sometimes :PFor school we had an assignment to make a cartoon or human figure from marzipan.
I was struggling since I had two figures I wanted to do from the past, super pig and Garfield.
After some talk with my classmates (female) they said I should do it, I did this one.
All the guys said “Hey that’s miss piggy!”
The weight of this beauty is 111 grams.
The body was 65 grams, the head was 25 grams and the 4 paws made from a 10 gram lump
For the decoration I had some room to play around with and I know that I haven’t got the text on her chest right.
Took me almost 3 hours to make 5 pieces that had to be in between 100 and 125 grams.
Do note that I made the decision last-minute and therefore didn’t do my homework about proportions. ^-^’
But I’m glad I have made it.
Ah the good times when I watched shows before going to grandfather on a sunday morning.
Now I don’t even have that much time to visit my grandfather. 
Oh well you should Cartoonify some marzipan yourself.
It is hard but satisfying work.


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