Exam and forgotten things

Yay! Finally through the exam with almost everything finished.
Still dislike peeling apples. Even though I ordered peeled ones I still had to do that myself.
But the biggest difference was that I gained  15 minutes extra for the marzipan daffodils. (that and I put some things in the dishwasher which I should not have done if I wanted more time)

Also found out I could take everything for free and a box costed €0,50 and you get a cover as well.
I knew I would come home with a full café at sight so I put in as much as I could get and used the cover to bring home my fruit-tart and the other was stuffed with cookies and 6 apple dumplings. 😀 
The cookies where quickly gone as well as the apple dumplings.
So I’m regretting at the moment for not taking pictures.
But look what I found in the computer!

Made this for someones birthday.
Really simple but I had about 1 hour to decorate and fill.
It is chocolate cake with vanilla cream (from a jar (ONLY IN CASE OF time EMERGENCY))
It is fully covered and decorated with fondant.
She liked it a lot… I thought it was way too sweet. (considering how much sugar was involved)

Then on to my garden.
The strawberries are doing well.

My babies!
They are growing so slow. 
Yet I hope they will live on and not die like my tomatoes. (cats and their instincts)
The sprouts outside are doing well. Mother nature is now taking care of them for the biggest part.
Now only cross my fingers she will stay kind. XD

P.s. I have watched a movie, but the review(s) have to wait since I lack a bit in time.
Helping a bit out in the café takes a lot of time and school gives some assignments as well.


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