Plans, sprouts and exam

So in 2 days I have my re-exam.
Just like 2 others from my class and I will be driving. (It is what you get for being the oldest in the class with a driving license)
I’m really nervous again and hope the marzipan will do what I want.
Last time I practiced marzipan daffodil was a total failure, because the people who order for the bakery at school thought it would be nice to try out 50/50 marzipan instead of the usual 1/4 marzipan (btw it means ratio sugar to almond) and it was really sticky and it kept getting ruffles.
The teachers weren’t so happy with it as well, but couldn’t say anything about it since the people don’t listen.

Then also my seeds are sprouting really well.
I potted the tomatoes into a bigger pot and one cat already ruined one pot with 2 tomato plants by doing it’s business there.  😦 (the sour killed the roots of the sprouts and whelked)
4 herbs potted in a bigger pot, sowed 2 others, strawberries have sprouted and starting to have leafs, sesame sprouted and gave water to pepper in a can. (just add water to grow your own :D)
So further it is going well as long as there won’t be too much drought.

My plans… well I have too much.
I have my room, which wallpaper is already half gone, that I am completely redecorating. (on my own :P)
Then I have an old recipe book from the Amsterdam Domestic Science school which I  will be writing over, because it is old and tears are slowly coming and to preserve it as much as possible I write everything over so that I still will be able to look through the old recipes. (The biggest hurdle is the amount of pages which is about 400 in small lettertype)
Also my kitchen garden is a big plan not finished. (a lot of work the whole year through)
Celebrating my birthday somewhere in June with friends for the first time.
Going to the Elf Fantasy Fair Haarzuilens for the first time.
Making a birthday cake(40 people) for my little niece this week and also have a work dinner. (and exam!)
Maybe a little bit too much… oh well hope it will be finished most before we are half through the year.


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