Spring time!

Yes, it is spring!
And I have been really busy lately.
Just had 2 fulltime work weeks (10 out of 14 days) working at a bakery for my internship.
But finally rested fully and this is what I have done.

I had to go shopping for my parent’s café and bought a rubber mould (see egg and bunny) for myself.
Even though the box said to have contained a mould for 5 different sized eggs I got a bunny and one egg.
Still looks cute! ^-^
And I finally have used one of my bon-bon moulds I bought like years ago.

Used some hazelnut paste (the kind you use to eat with bread) and mixed it with chocolate to make the filling.
It was a bit heavy on the stomach since it was all pure chocolate. 😛

During the time I was absent here I have gotten a guitar, planted tomatoes, herbs, garlic and strawberries and found a hedgehog while spitting through compost to make a kitchen garden.
Now I only have to make marzipan daffodils to practice for me re-exam which is in a month.
I hope I do make it through this time.


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