Contest from last week

So after some luck I could participate in the pastry contest niveau 2.
And yeah I got a lot of luck, because the teacher forgot to send my submission in the end and I had a nice guy in my class who did not want to participate for several reasons, so I took his spot with his permission.

I participated to see how everything went.
It was my first contest after all. My score was a 58 out of a 100 for pastry.

I burnt the base so I got one from a friend who was making her things on the same table. ( a little thick but I owe her :))
So the score wasn’t a surprise at all. ( especially cause I did not prepare too well )
But the friend I am talking about did get third that day!
I was so happy for her.

I made her put the price there ^-^

There weren’t a lot of entries I think, since it all fitted on one set of tables.

This is for the whole niveau 2 participants of our school.
One of my classmates became first!
If you read this..congratulations!

Everybody made sweet stuff for the 6 creme pastry and 12 cookies, but she had chosen pistache, cheese and spinach and for this and the look she deserved it.
But there was baked a whole lot more! Since this was a contest for different niveaus and choices.

The bottom left picture showed a bun filled with “speculaas” and it is really sweet and tastes good, but it is more for the holidays here. (Sinterklaas to be exact.)
The first prize winners get to participate for the national contest. (this was only our school in the south of Netherlands.)

I think I should participate in more contests.
It can help organize, plan and make you think about things before you’re actually going to do it.
Definitely a learnfull experience for me.


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