apple dumpling in dutch

The word in dutch  is “Appelbol.”
And I had practiced a bit before the exam like I said in my last post.

And as I probably had mentioned I also did these for the exam. (25 of them)
I thought I would be able to peel and get the seeds out within a normal range of hours.
Instead I was busy over 2,5 hours peeling,filling, wrapping in pastry dough, spray them and roll them through sugar.
I was only left with one hour to fill, decorate and finish the 2 fruit-tarts and make a total of 5 marzipan flowers.
Because of this I took out the apple dumpling out too soon and could not finish the flowers.
In other words I failed my second exam.
I knew I failed before they called me over for a talk and to be honest I was quite devastated that I knew it would happen and still couldn’t get it finished on time.

Oh well, I luckily can do it over and the teacher takes my side.
Because I only started last year (exactly) and have no further experience (unlike some other classmates) in the bakery.
And 25 apples are a lot!

Here is the recipe: basic pastry (somewhere shown in my later posts)

This amount should be enough for two or three apples.
50 gr almond paste (with a little bit of egg so you can easier plug the holes of the apple)
75 gram cinnamon sugar. (68 sugar, 5 citrus-sugar, 2 cinnamon powder)

First make the pastry, roll it and put aside for rolling out.
Peel the apples, drill a hole (get the seeds out)and make sure they are clean.
Roll out the dough to about +/- 2 mm (if you roll out by hand it is hard to measure)  14 cm wide and the rest just roll out.
For average big apples cut a piece of 14×14 cm out of the pastry.
Plug the sharper side of the apple with almond paste and put that part on top of the pastry.
Fill the apple with the sugar until just about full and softly close it off with almond paste. (or else you will ruin your pastry)
Moisten the pastry around the apple and fold 2 opposite sides to the middle of the apple, pick it up and fold the other two points to the middle.
Now you should be left 4 open folds. Take these softly between thumb and index finger and stretch until you can fold them to where the points are (The apple should not be visible anymore)
Spray or brush the unfold parts wet and roll them softly through sugar.
Place them on a baking sheet with the folds down and poke a little hole on top and bake them at 250 degrees celsius for a half hour.

I seriously thought I could skip one or two but instead of exactly 25 apples I got a full tray of apples too choose from.
The only time they give me enough is when I don’t want them to. :S


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