Finally moved but unpacking slowly

Yes I’ve finally moved completely.

Luckily I got the biggest room. Thanks to my brother ^-^.

The view from my window

 Slowly unpacking everything, because there is little time to give everything a place.

Now to give my recipe books a place....where is the other box?

We still need to redecorate as well. (like wallpaper etc.)
I bought some stuff for my room and decorating my room surprisingly with a lot of food themed stuff.


jar-piggy bank-jar

Schools going fine. Next monday I have my exam for second niveau and I fear I will come short of time.
I need to make a fruit-tart, apple dumpling with filling and sugar-coated AND marzipan flowers.
This all within 4 hours.
Luckily I finally have ….tada!


I already baked something, but since that was a gift I forgot to take a picture.
Definitely going to make apple dumplings this week for practice.
Expect it sometime next week, since I want to make it like a recipecard again.
After the exam I have like 7 days before I need to go to school for a baking contest.
Still need to design the cake and cookies for it. ^_^”
Wish me luck. -_-


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