Merry Christmas (how this year went)

It has been quite hectic year for me and probably for others as well.

This year I started in February with school for pastry.
I did my exam and now already in second year.

Then my parents bought a café in Belgium (with a lot of trouble and fear of being left with a debt.)
Short while I even made recipes that should be printable.
Then during summer I had a lot of days for my own, since my parents had to help out in the café.
I baked some and slept a lot. (also cooking for my self, cleaning the house, taking care of the animals)

Then the big move came, since we sold the house.
We lived for about 2 months in a caravan in the yard of the café. (I was already going to school so it was a 45 minute drive with traffic to school )(and cold!)
Then I found out I had no oven to bake….:(
Successfully got to bring some of my stuff from school home.
Learned a lot.
Still not everything is settled, but it is going to be better in the new year.

At the end of the year I promised some one to give him a creme cake for at the party.
So I still have to find out to bake the base…without an oven.
But in short…


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