Theme cake

Yesterday was the last day of school this year.
There was a lot of rain!
My car went through a puddle and the water came halfway my window.
And, when I was already busy, everybody came in completely drenched from the rain.
Everybody had to do a theme cake or an occasion cake.

So when I started making my cake (for a first I used one ready but frozen base) I used cream and amaretto to flavour it.
There was a filling of macaroons (the almond like)or “Bitterkoekjes” like they are called in dutch.
I decorated it with dark chocolate.

Don’t have to say it didn’t go all that well.
The chocolate I used to decorate with had some lumps.
So the lines aren’t straight and all the same.
Glad I don’t have to do this for my next exam.

Oh and the words on the cake mean Autumn.

I brought of course this one home (or else I wouldn’t be talking about it and show the picture.)
And my friends who visited me in the café got a little piece from me.
Had to do that sneakily since there were a lot of customers, since in the café there was a party going.
They took a bite and said I can make one for their birthday.
Always fun to do! So I agreed.

Also got a little present for the holidays from a friend. (since we live 1 hour apart and both have busy lives)
Glad to have talked to them (after 3 months not have seen each other) and I definitely am going to make something special for their birthday.


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