Cholestrol bomb

Yes I made a cholestrol bomb.
What that might be? Well, it’s just a simple creme roll.

These darlings are made by me and took home four pieces. (after paying :s)
The creme is flavoured with cognac.
There is one piece missing, because I let my mom taste it as soon as I came home.
She loved it.

The batter is not an instant mix, because those tend to be more stiff and harder to roll up.
So the usual batter I used (I seem to stay away from instants as much as possible) 
I was carefully putting the batter into the oven since I burned my arms (yes 2 at once) at the same oven last friday. (luckily only 1st degree)

The highest oven seems to work the best at the bread side, but is hard to reach since it is at eye level for me.

But I did get a compliment from the teacher for these creme rolls, because there weren’t air pockets in it. (which are difficult to get rid off)

I also helped a friend of mine baking here pieces since the ovens weren’t warm enough.
She was busy with also something that contains cremé.
It is for an upcoming contest for student bakers. (I also attend but no clue what to do)
I gave my thought once about the idea and to see it coming alive was amazing.
But she was still experimenting with the flavours.
Curious what she will send in.

Still need to think something up. 6 creme products and 12 crumbledough cookies.
All need to be delivered and identical to each other.
Luckily it is in February.


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