Filled ‘Speculaas’

Finally got to bring something home this friday.
And it is tasty as well.

I would have shown you a whole piece … if I didn’t need to work beforehand.
This is actually what the teacher made of the leftovers, but I made square blocks from this stuff.

This means I made a dough, almond paste, dough and decoration with almonds.
Of course afterwards I had to cut it in to nice blocks, but I had fun doing so.
It is something on my “to bake” list for when I’m moved in above the cafĂ© and I have bought a decent oven.
I already know I want an oven without microwave functions, but that seems to going to be tough since most people go for ease over knowledge.
This means the most that gets offered are those with microwave functions.

Not that having a microwave function on an oven is bad, but I can’t work with those things and also can’t control them.
When I was little my parent’s used to have one and I recall multiple burned food items because of this.
Just a couple more weeks and then we will be completely moved in.
Then I can finally buy my oven. (It is a promise my parents made to me for helping out.)


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